Films that have had an impact on the fashion industry

The film industry has always had an impact on the fashion industry, erecting "Gone With the Wind", "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Morning Glory" in the rank of the most stylish film masterpieces of all time. But today we are not talking about those films that have already been archiving, and the relatively recent paintings, which drew and draw their inspiration from fashion designers, stylists and photographers.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

The fate of the last queen of France has always excited the minds of the filmmakers, but Sofia Coppola was able to not only create a truly worthwhile film about Marie Antoinette, and assign it the status of a real fashion icon. After the pattern in the rental fashion world, it seemed, I began to go crazy: every self-respecting designer sought to create an image inspired by the style of the Queen, and particularly impressionable ladies constructed on their heads "frigate" and "gardens".

Luxurious dress in the collection of Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2007. The influence of the style of Marie Antoinette's face: hoops, crinolines, elaborate hats and, of course, high stunning hairstyles.

I love Alexander McQueen creation for the fact that, despite the existence of overriding the style - the style of Marie Antoinette, they can always look at his handwriting.

Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2007

Of course, Christian Louboutin could not leave, "the trend of Marie Antoinette" without attention and created a stunning shoes from which would not have refused, and the Queen herself.

And Lady Gaga is inspired by everything - and in beef and style royals

Photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

The Crazies (2007 - ...)

It costumers series "Mad Men," we should be grateful for the return of the fashion style of the 60s with his feminine silhouettes, lush skirts and perfect hairstyles. The style of the heroines of the series Betty Draper and Joan Harris came to be called iconic and trendy publications in the distillation began to publish articles on the topic of "how to dress in the style of the 60s."

Photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

The influence of "Mad Men" in the world of high fashion became evident when designers, one by one, began to produce on the catwalk models, dressed in a coat with turn-down collar, tight pencil skirts and dresses mid-length flowered. And Marc Jacobs did not deny that the creation of the new Louis Vuitton collection was inspired by the image of Betty Draper performed Dzhenyueri Jones.

In 2010, almost all the designers included in their collection of models in the style of 60th

Lara Stone in a thematic photo shoot for Vogue

Avatar (2009)

From the classic style of the 60s into the distant future. Well, in addition to many other talents, James Cameron still has an amazing and fashionable flair. And how then to explain the emergence of a more phantasmagoric fashion collections after the premiere of "Avatar" in December 2009?

Alexander McQueen and Rodarte released on the podium slender ranks of models dressed in costumes inspired garments representatives of foreign civilizations, and Nike did not even invent anything and rituals better model their sneakers in print residents Navi tribe.

Alexander McQueen, Spring-Summer 2010

Rodarte, spring-summer 2010

Nike Air Max Na'vi Edition

A Single Man (2009)

This film could not enter into the list of the most stylish films of the last decade because it was the directorial debut of Tom Ford. In his film, the designer clothes are not just paid attention, he made her protagonist. Who needs an exciting storyline, when the camera and then gives a close-up makeup Julianne Moore, stylish glossy rim Colin Firth and white fluff who leaves on his jacket, cashmere sweater Nicholas Hoult?

After the film playing the main roles in the blink of an eye become fashion icons of the new generation and those fashion brands, and every self-respecting glossy magazine published in its pages a photo session on the theme "A Single Man».

Tom Ford project for the magazine OUT with Nicholas Hoult

John Kartaharena in the campaign Matinique

Matthew Goode for GQ

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

As the shaggy giants can influence the course of fashion history? But they can. This became evident after saw the release of "Where the Wild Things Are", and fashion designers began to create a collection of clothes inspired fluffy prehistoric creatures.

The biggest surprise, perhaps, was the fashion house Chanel, which has always been famous for the refined style and French style. Carl Lagrefeld rites of the best models of modernity in a fur coat, overalls, boots and faux fur in a video released them on the podium. Many have called these outfits for Halloween costumes, but personally I have any association with Bigfoot.

If Chanel dresses vaguely resemble hairy giants, the brand Opening Ceremony proudly devoted an entire collection of sheepskin coats and the heroes of children's fairy tales. And even filmed them in the campaign.

Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Perhaps, in our country and neighboring countries the image of the heroine Gwyneth Paltrow Margo gained great popularity, but overseas ignite serious passion about it. After the release of the film in 2001, every girl is considered a matter of honor to get a mink coat, a dozen dresses, Lacoste polo different colors, wearing a stab at one side of the square, non-stop smoking and take a bubble bath.

And here is a photo inspired by Royal Tenenbaums - successful and not.


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