List of the most interesting series

Walking Dead / The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad / Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones
Skins / Skins
American Horror Story / American Horror Story
Sherlock / Sherlock

House MD / House, M.D.
Friends / Friends
The Big Bang Theory / The Big Bang Theory
Supernatural / Supernatural
Dexter / Dexter
Shameless / Shameless
Escape / Prison Break
How I Met Your Mother / How I Met Your Mother
Clinic / Scrubs
The Vampire Diaries / The Vampire Diaries
Scum / Misfits
Californication / Californication
Staying Alive / Lost
Hannibal / Hannibal
Pretty Little Liars / Pretty Little Liars
Lie to Me / Lie to Me
White Collar / White Collar
Desperate Housewives / Desperate Housewives
Close friends / Queer as Folk
Acute visors / Peaky blinders
Orange - the hit of the season / Orange is the new black
Charmed / Charmed
Doctor Who / Doctor Who
Alf / Alf
Office / The Office
Gymnasts / Make It or Break It
This is England / This is England
Clumsy / Awkward
The Thick of It / The Thick of It
Heroes / Heroes
Cub / TeenWolf
Choir / Glee
Grimm / Grimm
Ancient / The Originals
Smallville / Smallville
Two girls stranded / 2 Broke Girls
Bones / Bones
Merlin / Merlin
Gossip Girl / Gossip Girl
In Sight / Person of Interest
Followers / The Following
Bullies and nerdy / Freaks and Geeks
Mad Men / Mad Men
Wilfred / Wilfred
Almost person / Almost Human
This detective / True Detective
Anatomy / Grey's Anatomy
Broadchurch / Broadchurch
Sinners / Vicious
My crazy blog / My Mad Fat Diary
Fargo / Fargo
Horror on the cheap / Penny Dreadful
Always Sunny in Philadelphia / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Everybody Hates Chris / Everybody Hates Chris
My Name is Earl / My Name Is Earl
Mentalist / The Mentalist
Castle / Castle


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