Kate Moss on the cover of AnOther Magazine

Supermodel Kate Moss, which this year celebrated the 40th anniversary of not losing ground. Most recently, Kate starred with Cara Delevin advertising aroma My Burberry. Now Moss appeared once for four covers autumn-winter issue AnOther Magazine. Topic of the issue sounds «Kate Moss. Never Enaugh »(« Kate Moss. Never enough ").

Above photos worked different photographers, who opened his vision of the image of the British supermodel. Kate was photographed leading photographers - Craig MakDin, Willie Vanderperre Collier Shore and Alasdair Maklillan.

Team AnOther Magazine describes the images that supermodel created to capture each of the covers, as a "muse of Andy Warhol", "agent provocateur" and "movie star", respectively.

Kate Moss on the cover of the first and second AnOther Magazine

Kate Moss on the cover of the third and fourth AnOther Magazine

The first images from the photo shoot for AnOther Magazine:

Kate Moss for AnOther Magazine

Kate Moss for AnOther Magazine


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