But so it was ... and funny and sad))

A fact in the world seven wonders of the world, and much more. Just we are used to them and sometimes do not even notice.
 Is not it a miracle - the first Soviet agent after shaving? Remember? Pieces of paper?
 And such a miracle, like tuning a car Moskvich-412? Remember? 5-penny coins on the perimeter of the windshield, fur steering wheel, shift knob epoxy with a rose and, naturally, a police cap on the rear window.
 A gum on pants - it's also a miracle! After all, it perfectly holds cowards and mittens!
 And in the theaters? The point of the laser pointer on the forehead of the protagonist - my God, how many people did this happiness if-you-mi!
 Pie with jam - Is not it a miracle? You never know which side will come out jam!
 Another inexplicable miracle - raise your hand, those who had a normal teacher labor ... and not an alien ...?
 And such a miracle as string bag with the meat of the window leaf? Remember, to get useful - dumplings fell!
 And this here's a wonderful mother's divorce: "I'll buy now, but it's your birthday» ?!
 Or here's this magic phrase grandmother goodbye: "Only banks return!»
 A refrigerator ZIL remember, but with such a pen? This is a one-armed bandit! Pull the handle - sypyatsya banks. And, by the way, that still lies in the refrigerator in a side door? There is not an egg. And not ketchup. On the side of the door lie ... drugs!
 Free medicine - it is also a miracle. One doctor and two queues - one for coupons, and the second record. And the third was - "I just ask!»

Yes, how many there were, these wonders of the world ...
 A small window from the kitchen to the bathroom - what's there to see, explain?
 Shoehorn-horse ...
 Tooth powder - cleans the teeth and silver ...
 Manneken Pis on the toilet door ...
 TV "Ruby" - take pliers and fence-fence-fence!
 Swim with anchors ... remember ?!
 Milk in triangular packages!
 And you say: "Seven Wonders of the World!»

We used to do a lot of things this is now and would never climb up to do. Furthermore, if you ever do today that was doing all the time - you do not understand, or may take a madman. Well, for example, remember the water dispensers. There was still a glass faceted - one at all. Today, anyone and would never drink from a common cup! (Today it is stolen within five seconds after the machine exactly three seconds before utaschat himself automaton A previously because all drank of the cup: The usual thing! And nobody was afraid to pick up any infection: By the way, these glasses used for their affairs, local drunks. And, imagine, just imagine it - they return to the place of glass, do not believe it? And then - a common occurrence!
 And here comes the man and blows bubbles! Then - bam - and here are the pink lumps all over his face! Today, a normal person does that?
 And then - a common occurrence! Because we have been unusual gum! And from these gum bubbles blown chic. Yes, if gum is not needed for caries. Well, we did not even think that this is: Yes, and there was no decay, until we were told that we must fight with him :!
 And before that it was possible in the morning to go out, breathe deeply and go: The Simple FIG knows where! Not for, and so easy! Yes, a lot earlier than we did, "so easy." Today, it is subject only to alcoholics and homeless people: .A then - a common occurrence!
 And the people hanging the sheet on the wall, turn off the light and muttering something under his breath in the dark? Sect? No, the usual thing! Before every home held a ceremony, which was called - hold your breath - filmstrip! Remember this is a miracle ?! Who is working projector of slides?
 Or here's a man with a flat little thing in his hands. This thing is constantly beeping, and the man mumbles - Oh, how many eggs: No, with so many eggs do not live: Crazy? No, dude advanced. The usual thing! Remember our highest technology - electronic game "Well, wait!". What there computers with three-dimensional graphics? !!! Ugh! The wolf, catching balls! That height!
 Smoke belching acrid smell throughout the apartment. Such tablet with inscriptions. What do you imagine? Indian high priest Aramonetrigal? In fact, it is you, Ms. n-set. The usual thing! Millions of Soviet children burned cards mothers on March 8 - Mom, congratulations on the International Women's Day. I wish you a peaceful sky over your head, and your son - Bike: And all were in the bathroom and on the toilet seat is lowered, and in the dark - and light there is only a red lantern: Guess? The usual thing - print photos. Our whole life in these black and white photographs, printed with his own hands, and not soulless uncle of Kodak. Well, you remember what the fixer?

A devchonochka you remember rezinochki? Surprisingly, none of the boy in the world does not know the rules of this game!

A collection of waste paper in school? Until now tormented by the question - why? And then I'm my father's entire archive of Playboy back carried. And I did for it was not! Only mom wondered what this father became so meticulously checked my homework ?!

And the portraits without Gorbachev's birthmark remember? Unusually: But we still remember how Jackson was black, and even a minor! Then it was - a common occurrence!

In general, a lot of this was unusual: a trip to the potatoes and diluted beer (no, well, the truth was delicious!), "Soar bonfires barrels of gasoline, we are pioneers - children Georgians" and "Who smokes Java and Pegasus to any woman will" and "Opal - dragged and dropped»

There was a time ...

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