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Moscow. Winter. Snow. Boy playing football. Suddenly the sound of breaking glass.
 Runs the janitor, harsh Russian janitor with a broom and chases the boy.
 The boy runs and thinks, "Why, why all this !? Why all the image of street boys, the whole football, all these friends !? What for??? I've already done all the lessons of why I do not sit at home on the couch and read a book of their favorite writer Ernest Hemingway? »

Havana. Ernest Hemingway once finishes the novel and thought: "Why, why all this? Like all sick of the whole of Cuba, the bananas, the cane, the heat, the Cubans !!!
Why am I not in Paris, not sit with his friend Andre Morua in a society of beautiful courtesans, sipping his morning aperitif and chatting about the meaning of life? »

Paris. Andre Maurois, stroking his thigh beautiful courtesan and sipping his morning aperitif, thinking, "Why, why did I do it?
How do I tired of this Paris, the French are rude, dirty Moroccans, these stupid courtesan, the Eiffel Tower, which you spit on the head !!! Why am I not in Russia, not in Moscow, where the cold, the snow, do not sit with his best friend, Andrei Platonov, not a conversation about the meaning of life ?? »

Moscow. Cold. Snow. Andrei Platonov. The earflaps. With a broom. Chasing a boy and thinks: & quot; Bl #, I catch up - kill on the x th #! & Quot;


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