Breathe deeply! Money is not like avaricious

Hard times happen at all, but someone passes them easily, and someone gets stuck in them for years. It is often said that the money should only want to and they will. If only it were that simple! In this article, I can make out only a small part of the reasons why you may not have enough money and give advice what to do. Perhaps this is the information you do not have enough to take the first step to wealth.

Rule one: do not regret! Never feel sorry about the money you once spent. Almost all of us had a good time when we are easily parted with the money. And when they run out, begin moaning: oh, how I could get my money back? Annoyance: it might as well not put, not bought ... Do not let these feelings grab you. On the contrary, rejoice! Did you know the wealth, you know of generosity, you are able to enjoy life, and thus in your mind and body memory has special settings that can again bring you money!

Breathe deeply! We know that money is not stingy like. This, of course, is not about money as such, but on the condition that we broadcast, when we start to feel sorry for them. Not by chance the phrase "clamped money" in tune with the expression "clamping body." The reaction of the body to be stingy spasm interscapular zone and laterally, causing breathing becomes difficult, manifested as physical therapists say - phrenic clip. People with this clip feel as if they pulled tight corset. They find it difficult to inhale the lower lung lobes, so from time to time they make a heavy breath as if his whole body, busy pulling the chest up, freeze, trying to saturate the body with oxygen, but no relief. Only intensified the feeling of fullness chest. This is the phrenic clip.


As times of stress it is not necessary to remove it to breathe. It should be the other way around to lie on a hard surface, relax, put your hands on the solar plexus, breathing normally, it appears that the air gently pushes your hands inside, the diaphragm rises, the air is calm at odds over the body, without encountering obstacles. Breathed so for at least a week for 10 minutes, you will gradually accustom to relax the diaphragm and you will become easier to breathe. And in the future, and live!

What does the body here? Indeed, if two hundred rubles left in your wallet and to wage another week, once hard to think about eternity. Nevertheless, it is necessary. Firstly, we should not aggravate the financial problems of health problems. Secondly, there is a specific relationship between how we think and how to feel. Most people are not that what can not have more money. They do not see opportunities, do not want to change something, do not believe in themselves, are not willing to go even a reasonable risk and are not able to divide their time. When I was in the physical therapy people come in with complaints about financial problems, I always ask, what else, except that they do, they could do it. At this point, their bodies become stiff, and there is fear in her eyes. The thought that they might have to leave the comfort zone and offer someone their services, it becomes hard to breathe. However it is necessary to remove this condition of the body and everything is seen in a different light. Someone remembers the recently completed course, someone decided to look for a new job, but someone dialed the courage to open a virtual store in the "City of masters»

. At the level of psychosomatic greed leads to constipation and excess weight, women - to frigidity, male - to difficulties with ejaculation

. It's simple: greed - the desire to give as little as possible of what you have. Ideally, do not give at all. In physics, so people need to relax the stomach. On the mental level, helping thought-form: the more you give, the more I receive. But just think a little. We need to develop the habit to let go and share. Stingy person is difficult. He even for a child on a children's holiday spare cash.

There is a kind of therapy: cleaning phrases therapy. Phrases must have a story, evoke an emotional response and rich associative array. In the treatment of avarice very well the phrase: "the rich, and so happy", "in close quarters, but not mad," "people in trouble will not leave»

. Say them out loud many times, looking for a deep chord in the heart and in the body. It may well be that you will remember those who have heard of these phrases - your grandmothers and great-grandmothers, even people of the older generation. Perhaps you will flow tears, there will protest: I do not want so, I want to anyway! Living in a state of sensations as you do not become easier. And in the end of the day do something generous. Bake a cake and invite to visit a neighbor, donate a certain amount to a charity website, after all, buy a sausage of yard cat.

Where does avarice?

Getting rid of avarice - the first step out of the lack of money. Avarice is generic, karmic and acquired.

Generic greed gets us inherited, along with family units and kind of experience. Behind it are severe family history of dispossession, hunger, loss of property, the fear to show others what you have, after all, just a hard life, which until recently had lived almost all.

Therefore, the first step to healing: it is recognition of the fact that's a generic destiny, non-condemnation and resentment for her. If you once angry with his grandmother because she broke darn your socks or do not understand why mom buys grits and salt on an industrial scale, the mind and with all your heart, ask for forgiveness and thank fate for the fact that you live and to think differently. After that, you will be easier to live, many problems can be stopped.

The second step is to study each story, each its own characteristics and attitudes associated with money, and identify their root causes, with subsequent work with them. It is carried out only under the supervision of a specialist! Otherwise, you may get confused and complicate their own destiny instead of healing. A typical mistake of self - is the kind of cutting themselves. The man wanted to get rid of the installation, and tore himself from all the generic stream and is left alone in an open field in front of life's storms. Therefore, if you feel that the time has come to deal with ancestral spiritual legacy - look conductor

. Karmic greed - it's a lesson that selects the soul (higher self) coming into this world. Many, in principle, do not believe in such a theory, and it is their right. So I say to people that we can call it by another name, such as experience or spiritual growth. Any quality that prevents us from living, requires a minimum of attention, if we want to make life at least a little better.

Karmic avarice carries two main lessons.

1. Learn to be generous in all that you have, experiencing the joy of it.

2. Learn to see who is to be generous, and to whom not.

Most people with karmic weights stop at the first lesson. First, they show generosity to the unworthy, and when to give nothing more than whether or not the moral strength - offense, closed, embittered and decide that anyone else ever. Thus offending those who need them the most generosity.

Sometimes the "trick" is the lack of joy. One hand to give, a second curse. Or blame. Especially often this happens with parents against children. Understand that the money data from the condemnation or fear, gifts made out of a sense of duty, but not from the heart does not bring happiness! Quite the contrary. I remember his client, whose mother bought an apartment.

To give the documents with the words: "Here's to you, miserable time she can not and you have a normal guy no" Needless to say that nothing good my daughter did not work in the apartment? Often ill, lose your job, the men came to visit, but do not show up. We've been untangled the knots worked with the genus (because the mother did not just "blessed" Daughter, she is, too, it was from his mother, and indeed went on a sort).

Then the girl for a long time to build relationships with his mother, in principle, they were not bad, but the tenderness and warmth was not in them. And once I asked her "peredarit" apartment with other wishes, to explain why. My mother understood and accepted. We have prepared a ritual. They made all very nice. Soon the girl was married. Life will improve.

Of those who should give, and to whom it is not necessary ... This is the most difficult subject, because the only correct answer is not here. If this is your karmic lesson, you will be a lifetime deal with it. You will worry about ethical issues pull in charity, you will spontaneously generous help people and then realize that it is done in vain.

And deny, and then regret. You will be familiar with the state of shameful, petty "skuperdyaystve" and irrational, senseless generosity. Feelings of guilt and the debt will be your constant companions of life. And all this is due to the people and the people will act instigators of these states. And please, accept, so it will be all my life! When you understand simple questions about the "fish and bait," you will come more complex. Because karmic lessons are given to us for the duration of the Incarnation. On the other hand, it is not the most difficult lesson because somewhere nearby will always be money, but for "good behavior" you can topple unexpected material gifts.

The criterion that you go on the way mining generosity and avarice, but wrong to take lessons may be that every time you give someone money or assisted by yourself something out or increasing the amount of your debt. Pay attention to it, if you do not want and does wallow in nischite! Stop and think what you're doing wrong!


And finally acquired stinginess. She appears in the difficult periods of life as a forced state from which hard then to get out, it becomes a habit, like a second skin. If you are a long time just to make ends meet, and then get a good job or successfully married, avarice, as a habit, can block your financial flows and even cause financial setbacks wife.

Personally, I know of at least three cases in which it is a marriage with a mean man led to the collapse of the business owner. These were the "good intentions" and not infrequently encountered in marriages custody "negligent" spouse. In all three cases, the men easily donate to charity, they kept on working families, paying generous bonuses rolled corporate parties, and business flourished. And then to the right to join with the female and quite sincere concern - "and anything else you use, and everything on you go" - they have imposed their own rules. Initially, men lose their luster in the eyes, then customers and partners, then the money.

The lesson, of course, not only about greed, but also about the boundaries in relationships, about values, about the ability to defend their right to an opinion as a whole - about family life. And also about the fact that man, if he wants to build and maintain a business, should bind their lives with a woman who has a higher material goals than he did. It is not necessary to be "obsessed with money", but do not live according to the principle of "I'm only missing».

In conclusion, I want to say about life periods. We all throughout life were to be "fat" and "lean" years. So laid, it must be so. And everyone given their tasks and lessons learned in these years. If your "worst" year long, it is time to think about what you're doing wrong and correct the situation immediately. Not all lessons are easy and pleasant, sometimes you have to go through a very painful process to re-start a streak of light. If you are ready for this kind of work, I am ready to help you in their classroom and online courses: "Let the money into the house" and "Karma money." Both courses will start in late May. I am waiting for everyone who would like to keep their financial happiness in their own hands.
Author: Elena Shubina


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