Dear friends, we want to ask you!

Girls and boys, as well as from parents, who are our honorable readers!
We are constantly working on our project for it to be most convenient for all. All the innovations that we make are based only on our view about the convenience and this is not quite true. The project is something we do for you! That is why it is you want to query: What would you like to see on Dosenge and that irritating / annoying at the moment? Proposals on any topic which concerns our common site.

Of course, we can not completely fulfill all your wishes, but I promise to try hard to carry out the most basic and popular.

Please do not be lazy and to contribute to the creation of a new version Dosenga, then to all my friends in the future, says: "Here this fashionable You offered me!»

Connecting to the discussion in the comments, friends!


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