It is time to finally realize what is really a very, very, very much men want!

Open any women's glossy magazine and you are sure to find an article like "What do women want in a relationship and how to get it." But, unfortunately, there are very few publications where their needs in a relationship can give a man. Also Klubera course :)

So, here are 7 things men really want from a relationship:

1. Feel your hero
We do not want to be your Clark Kent. We want to be your superman. We want that you saw us jumping between skyscrapers and catching bullets. We want to wear your hand and show you the world. Or at least make you feel that way. And we know that all of this - so our job, but nothing beats the feeling when a woman believes in you and believes unbeaten. If you give us a feel invincible - we give you the feeling that you are the most beautiful on the planet.

2. Approval
Recently, a new trend in women's T-shirt with the inscription "Love me anyway." The same need to make sure T-shirts for men. Because when we are laying the dishes in the dishwasher, or talking nonsense in front of your friends, or leave the toilet seat raised, forget what you've already told us a thousand times that you love us anyway. Because inside every man lives a boy who sometimes forgets that he is a man. And every boy sometimes vlyapyvaetsya in some things, not because he is bad, but because it has an inquiring mind and a weak and focus.

Unconditional support from women - is what turns a boy into a strong man. Only if you accept us as we are, we will strive to become even better.

3. Do not be ignorant
Many women do not disclose to their men of his feelings, because he did not want to rock the boat. Or because they are afraid. But the point is that when you do not express yourself, we remain in the dark. We do not know the whole truth about you. You allow us to recognize only certain presentational side, rather than reveal to us all.

Couples grow and become stronger, overcoming adversity together. Know that every time you do something back, then builds a wall inside the sacred space relations. No, we do not want to have an oral not stop diarrhea. But, believe it or not, we really want to know what you really are.

4. Blinding relationship
It's a relationship. Blinding relationship - a relationship that dazzle you, and sharpen all your senses, and you feel like you're alone in the universe. Let's face it. Men love to watch. They - like proteins. They like to be distracted by shiny things. But there is a difference between the "notice" and "to be desired". Blinding relationships make a man say, "Yes, it can be beautiful, but I would not trade the fact that there is now on something else».

Blinding relationship - is not just a good relationship. This unique connection to someone who makes people dream in the shower or time off work under the guise of the disease, to spend the whole day in bed ... This is the type of communication that can not be with someone else.

5. Word of the letter "K»
Communication. Without it, relationships are built on sand. We want to communicate directly. We do not understand hints. We want everything to be clear. We understand that when you clarify the situation - it is not the same. You do not want us to wash the dishes. Do you want we wanted to wash the dishes. We understood. Okay, then tell us. Explain. What makes you want to stick in the communication.

For many of us communication - obviously not our subject. We need a guide. Generally speaking, men tend to be guided by the logic and women - feelings. If you go to meet our logic, we will seek the key to your emotions.

6. Sweat
For us there is nothing more beautiful than to play sports with his woman. Watch as you sweat and work on his body, motivates us more than to look after themselves. We want to see the real you - it's not the same thing, just naked. If we do sports together, it becomes a lifestyle. We are not just talking about. We do. And it's beautiful.

7. Have your own life
We can not talk about it, because it is difficult to say such things to your loved one. But we really need our own lives. True. We want it to be and you - that you had your friends, occupations and hobbies. Of course, we want to support you in all your endeavors and be part of the important things for you, but we also want you to retain your individuality.

Because if you do not have anything of his own, our relations stand on one leg. In addition, the fact that you have your own life, motivates us to ensure that we had our own. Forget the legs. Let's put our relationship on a wheel. One - man, the second - female. And along. Let's go!

John Kim


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