14 signs that you meet women on which to MARRY

These features will help you determine what your girl is the one on which the married!

It often happens that the young (and not) people meet, or even live together, but not in a hurry to get married, because "not sure until the end." Here are 14 signs that you meet it with the man:

It supports your dreams. And makes an effort to help you achieve what you want.
She loves your friends and regularly asks about them. She does not care if you say that linger because meet them. She was not jealous of you to them.

She still writes to you flirty naughty texts: SMS, messages in Skype, e-mail messages. Regardless of how long you been together, she still wants to see you every day. And bored if you do not close it.
You - something more to it than just a boyfriend. And it is for you is not just a friend. You - partners. Both of you are taking an active role in building their relationship. And both want to become even better.
You can tell her anything. There is nothing that you would find it necessary to hide from her. And it seems that it always will be.
Do you want to take care of her. Do you feel that love and protect her - this is part of your nature. Are you worried about her, even when you know that she will cope.
You will never be bored with her. It is always a room for you alone. If you find a funny video on YouTube, then send a link to it in the first place to her, and only then all the rest.
You have the same hobbies. And this despite the fact that each of you will also have their own life. Each of you have your friends. And you constantly meet with them one by one, and sometimes - and together.
Do not you feel that your personal space is threatened. You know that her life - it's not just you. And you know that she is able to most of its problems to solve on their own. It tells you about important events and actions, but does not bother you in detail.
Thoughts that you can spend with this person for the rest of life, not afraid of you. You first time in my life afraid of the fact that you have to wake up every morning, or with the same woman. You have not cared for by other women in the city. Of course, from time to time you notice beauties and can even take a look at them, but none of them you no longer need. Are you absolutely sure that it's unfamiliar to you leggy blonde and not hold a candle to your companion.
Do you have experience in "healthy" differences. None of us are perfect. Sometimes you get tired of being with each other. Sometimes you think it is unfair. Sometimes you say hurtful things to her because, to make it not be as aggressive. But both of you are still productive discussion, during which it takes over one of you, then the other. And you know that any quarrel - not for long, and certainly not forever.
You do not try to change each other. You understand that her unique quirks make it her, and your quirks - it's your quirks. Of course, you often can not understand it: this is normal. If you're willing to accept it with all the disadvantages, so nothing to worry about.
You really like to introduce her to your friends and family members. Maybe not all of them like your choice. Maybe sometimes you want to go to my parents own, without her. This is normal. But if you are proud to parents that you have a girl, then it's your woman.
It inspires you the best. Do you like her patience in relation to other people, but at the same time it constantly alludes to you about the need for your own development. You have a lot to learn from her. She will do her best to make you achieve your potential.
Luke Bennington


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