A few things that never, under any circumstances, to do for men!

1. Helping financially
Even if a man complains of financial difficulties, do not try to help him with money, it is not necessary to seek a second job that would come out of this situation. This will be a very big mistake, because of which already suffered a lot of women.

2. Giving expensive gifts
Forget about it! It is better to give a man more of his heat, and faith in him, admiring glances! Do not try to impress a man magnificent gift, it will transform your relationship with use.

3. Listen to his concerns and regret it
Some men love women complain. Usually it is not even their husbands. And women think that if they listen to his pain, sympathize with him, the relationship will become deeper. After all, we, girls, that's right! But with men it's not working. Just the man you will be regularly drained of life's problems, to come to you as a reliable "vest" and walk and he would meet with other women. I had such an example in my life. I am a long time played the role of "vest", listened, tried to cheer, sympathy, it seemed to me that our relationship is very deep. But then these complaints will not go along. And track this scenario, after another of his complaint, I just said, 'Do not worry, you're a big boy, he can handle and decide their problems ».

I remember that at that moment inside me there was such an amazing feeling that I did something very right. He apologized and said that of course he will be able to cope, and thanked that I reminded him about it. So if your husband is depressed, do not pull out of it "ticks" that happens, do not need to display it on the conversation, do not feel sorry for him. Pity degrades man.

Give him time and leave him alone. He decides everything. The more calm you are, the quicker it will decide everything and be more confident person. Well, if your spouse tells about their difficulties, your support may be in question (in any case not on the boards). Ask leading questions, and you need to ask them from the position of a curious girl, not a professional coach. It is very important that you show at this moment their position at the bottom in your questions to be an appeal to his will, strength, intelligence.

For example:

In general, once you solve this problem?
What do you think, there are some options out of this situation?
What all can be done in this case?
Ask questions calmly and leave all the decisions to the husband. By doing so, you show him that you support him, you are together and you believe in what he can find solutions. Men are very much needed life's challenges, lessons learned, challenges - is the key to its formation as a person and as a man.

4. Giving advice and recommendations
FORGET ABOUT IT. Even if a man asks what he should do, then you just need to say that he knows better. Give advice - it means to take on some responsibility. Let's leave it to men, they need it.

5. spiritualize his
I know many women trying to lay a book, include lectures loudly put video. Usually it is only rejection and failure. Such things should not do. It is much more efficient to become the most happy and joyful, learn to communicate with people, to be a "firefly", while surrounding themselves begin to ask, what are you doing that would look like.

But, if a man asks you to tell him about spirituality, or on some knowledge, it is not necessary to take on the role of the Guru and broadcasting. After that, of course he will respect you as a teacher, but completely forget that you are a woman. Therefore, we do a pretty face and say, "Honey, I can not explain to you because I myself only slightly understand. I've listened to this lecture. Do you listen to yourself, if you're interested ».

So you will not take a position on the top and push a man with his intellect. This wisdom of women. I am a wise woman wrote that she became involved in a ceased "pressing" of her husband, become more joyful and generally forgot about her husband to promote something. Once upon myself and rejoice. And after some time, I found her husband's bedside in a whole bunch of spiritual books of very high level. He bought them myself and read after she stopped to put pressure on him.

Options support a loved one a lot, you can pray for him, do penance, to engage in the work of upbuilding for him to make amulets, making generic practices for its kind. The most important thing to do so from a state of inner peace and abundance, with the right mentality.

The right frame of mind: "He, of course, be able to cope. And I will be very happy to serve him in this and to fulfill their feminine dharma (purpose) ».

Breaking the mindset rescuer: "He can not cope without me, did not get out, but I can help him." With such a frame of mind as soon as you pull it out of a "hole", he immediately falls into another.

Yulia Sudakova


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