Healthy laughter therapy or how to make your life more fun

Laughter invigorate our immune system by increasing the activity of lymphocytes and other antibodies. Increased content of immunoglobulin A, struggling with illnesses. Even conducted a study in which found that immunoglobulin A is able to be passed to infants in breast milk. That's why gay nursing mothers and their babies are less prone to content colds.

Many doctors began practicing laughter therapy in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. They say that laughter promotes rapid recovery. Thanks to this sick people feel better. Even with perfect health is well honed sense of humor helps improve self-esteem and improves a person's mental health.

Laughter - also a great help in overcoming the unpleasant and difficult life circumstances. If a person will be able in a difficult position to make fun of himself and his failures, he will be luckier than others. As a result, he will be able to look at the situation through the eyes of others, and feels much better. And the most interesting thing is that his problem will evaporate much faster than if he had hung up on her resolution.

And do not worry that you will get a laugh from a few new wrinkles. Anyway, their appearance is inevitable. When you frown, the wrinkles appear, too. It is better to be "funny" wrinkles than the "gloomy┬╗!

So how to make life more fun and hone their sense of humor?

* Be observant to the people around you, who do funny things. Just do not make fun of their situation, but simply to be able to see them unreasonable, sometimes, actions. Children and animals are also often able to give us a reason to laugh. If you ask to find and see the humor in everyday life, then most likely, you will find it. After all is said is true, "who is looking for - he will┬╗.

* Different people have cause for laughter may serve as the most unusual things. Try to analyze your sense of humor. What do you most capable of cheer? For example, you see the same comedy, listen Humorina, staring at cartoons in magazines. Maybe a particular person is constantly hit you laugh: his actions, statements, appearance. And it happens that you really laugh softly over the antics of your own or a child of giggles at harmless games dopey kittens. All these observations, record, record, make your library of laughter.

* You can cut a ridiculous pictures out of magazines and stick them on the fridge door, a mirror in the bathroom, in the bedroom nightstand. Choose the most prominent places in the apartment, which you pass by several times during the day. You can use the same short funny captions or funny quotes. Watching often on these things, you will always be in high spirits.

* Sometimes it's hard to smile without a little help. It is at such moments to pull out of his smehoteki favorite exhibit. It will fit cheerful comedy or a funny book. And maybe you "detonate" when watching cool movies shot once you have a video camera.

* In a society of people joking, so that it brings good cheer to everyone and unites people. Do not let your jokes from the people side. Moreover, do not overdo it, telling jokes, which hurt, for example, the national feelings of the people. And that, ultimately, you risk being left alone with his jokes.

* Mess where appropriate. What may seem funny to you, others will not seem quite so. You can not count on the fact that humor is able to solve any dilemma. Sometimes it should be serious. After all, inappropriate laughter can turn against you. Imagine a man, barely hiding his chuckle at an important business meeting or a funeral of a close relative. It will look at least, absolutely stupid.

* And the last. Even if you have no mood to have fun, make an effort to look for a reason to laugh. For example, you can start to smile to myself in the mirror. You will not notice what is already holding his stomach - so you and plead with laughter.

Make humor his best friend and an excellent weapon in any situation!


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