Why do people get married?

"When at your wedding for a walk?" Often, this question can be heard from friends. And, the truth, when? Previously, live together without the marriage certificate was not approved. So now lives most of the population, because it's so convenient.

Many may disagree with me, it's everyone's right. In my childhood dream of a prince on a white horse, imagine yourself in a white dress with a veil. But there comes adulthood, when there is no time to dream, one must live.

Earlier in Russia all marriages begin with the hassle of matchmakers. This profession was respected and profitable. Matchmaker know which marriageable girls, and what Zhenishke available. By properly selected matchmaker determine the fate of the young addition to the money matchmaker for his services received as a gift cashmere shawl. The more her such handkerchiefs, so it was considered more qualified,

Currently, there are dating services, where you can get lonely person. Also found in many newspapers ads, "seeking for a serious relationship." How many single people today who can not meet his half! If fiancee (elect) is already there, it's time to think about the wedding.

The initial stage of marriage - matchmaking. The initiative comes from the parents and the groom's mother performed. Groom before the wedding, the bride does not see. Thank God, now this tradition met. Previously the saying was: can endure, slyubitsya. Now choose their own young couple. After courtship, if it went well, young fathers negotiate the dowry.

Constitute a written agreement, a legal document. Now come back to this, because the new - is well forgotten old. In recent years it has become fashionable to conclude a marriage contract (if there is something before marriage). According to the Family Code, "property acquired by spouses during marriage is their joint property (even if the wife was at home, and her husband worked).

In the West, the marriage contract has been around for a long time. But why get married if before marriage people think about the division of property?

There is a legend that a girl from a rich family fell in love with just a poor boy. Parents are discouraged daughter convinces her that long in poverty, it will not survive. But the girl, in spite of everything, went to his beloved. Young decided to humbly acknowledge the wedding.

But the guests came to the celebration with gifts. They decided to give the newlyweds everything that could be useful to future spouses in the household. Everyone wanted to start life in young happily. Since then, the wedding with empty hands do not go. Nowadays, this tradition is also adhere to. Give things necessary in everyday life, or money.


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