The origin of the word "cocktail"

Regarding the origin of the word "cocktail" has many versions, and most dictionaries helplessly reports "proish. unknown. ". For the first time on the cocktail (drinks) has been mentioned in May 1806 in New York, in the reference edition of «Balance and Columbian Repository», which was given the following definition of the drink "Cock-Tail": "stimulating liquor composed of any alcoholic beverage with the addition of sugar, water and bitters herbs ».

During the last two centuries, at least a dozen authors have tried to explain the origin of the term. Most explanations appeared cockerels or beautiful women with a name that was in tune with the word "cocktail". Below are the most likely explanation:

1. Coquetier - so in French called for a shot of the eggs, which are said to be a Frenchman in New Orleans handed mixed drinks to its guests. Guests are asked to come to submit Coquetier, and gradually it began to sound like the word "cocktail».

2. It is possible that an old French recipe of blended wines called coquetel, was brought to America by General Lafaettom in 1777.
3. It is believed that some of Betsy Flanagan Virginia filed a brave soldier mixed drink, which was all the colors which are in the tail of the rooster (cock - rooster, tail - tail). He called this drink "cook-Tale».

4. In 1769, the term 'cook-teyld "associated with jumps, which meant mongrel horse. Usually, such animals sheared short tail so that it looked like a rooster tail. As written in the journals of the time, the horse, with close-cropped tail ("cook-teyld"), was of mixed blood. Therefore it is easy to agree with the assumption that "cook-teyld" over time has come to mean any liquid containing mixture.

5. From the old times the expression «cocked tail» («cocked tail") means a horse or a man in a cheerful, elated. It is natural to assume that the drink, uplifting people, also called the "cocktail».

Connoisseurs of cocktails insist that cocktail - a "short" drink containing three or more ingredients. If only two ingredients, it is simply mixed drink. If you add a non-alcoholic beverage, such as lemonade, a drink called the "debt".


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