Blondes ... they rule!

It started back when we were choosing a new car. In my strong case that the red car any better, my other half responded inadequately - as something strange on me looked, planted near komputera and climbed to the Internet.

And away we go ... "... This brand is more promoted, and such machines, all figovinu and spare parts in the city of the car, because it is trouble-free to maintain ... And this brand is not promoted, because the car of the same class - cheaper. A manufacturer here but this is guided by space technologies ... But this ... But however it does not matter! ... This machine 4 HP that great and we really needed. And this gap is above the (now - I know that the gap - this is just the distance between the body and the road, and not at all what I thought then). And this different capacity and carrying capacity. But ... But this is not so important! ... Blah blah blah ... ... Look at this girl! »

Probably the last argument was the most important.

But I wanted a boy! I think many women in solidarity with me ... Only my new strong argument again did not make the proper impression. Moreover, I was told that there is no difference between "female" and "male" car! The main thing they say - the characteristics of the vehicle. Yeah, swam - we know - "Look at that girl!».

Long gain entry.
So what am I doing? And the fact that it was from then on, I began to look into the windows of passing cars, and I seek out the weaker sex among drivers. Only identifying the sex of the driver, to examine in detail, on what and how they drive. Moreover, I began to get accustomed to the style of driving all my friends motorists of both sexes. And you know, we found out a lot of interesting things.

At first.
Seeing that interested me most and made us think about the extraordinary hike to the hairdresser. So - the hair color and the cost of the machine are interconnected! Directly! Of course, not always, but exceptions only confirm the rule. No, honestly - the more expensive the car, the better, and it blondinestee winner. At first I thought it was so with me Hochma happened and I just so lucky to have observed objects. It was necessary to bring to the study of family and friends. The result has not changed much and only in the sense that we now Hochma on the subject all together. Blondes rule! Maybe I should not have tear off her natural blonde?

Somehow ladies prefer Gorbunkov. A sort of frog in korobchonku. Probably prudent beautiful half of humanity, sitting behind the wheel, I thought about the possibility to sit behind this wheel in a hat, and that did not hurt. Anyway, my friend Colonel bought are not saved at the very least, precisely because there he can comfortably steer without removing the cap. But man ... or is the cause of women's habit of looking at the ceiling, which is usually quite high? I do not know this mystery, I never guessed.

It turns out that the women on the road a lot. Ladies - yes we will soon overtake them! According to the number I have in mind. With a speed of more complex ...

This is my next observation. We drive slowly. Not all, of course, is not much. But usually, the movement speed of the "female" car kilometers 10-20 lower than men in the same track on the same machine. I noticed it's not just me, because it is not just heard about "these Pantyhose" which "create an emergency situation on the road." And we go much more diverse. Emotionally, I would say. The very personally saw a picture: cork, cars go slow, steady stream, but in the left lane formed a large gap between the machines, which for some reason, no one was in a hurry to climb. Moreover, I would say that even machines blizeduschie hand, as far as possible, the car in front of which it is formed and space. Behind the wheel was "voditelnitsa" and everything that happens on the road it was deeply nevermind, it was occupied by another. She waved her hands. Very emotional, with large amplitude strokes, sometimes bumping nails on the dashboard. Do not think - it's not a disease. Just as she was explaining something to the passenger - a pretty young guy. Only seen pretty molodoy- was not very quick-witted, because the girl from time to time it lupila and step on the accelerator. Typewriter jerk covered space, and with a squeal of brakes. According to my observations that would hold the steering wheel does not distract woman ...

The next observation - is not new and is already firmly established in the history of anecdotes. That's right, I'm talking about automatic transmissions. Yes, we prefer them! Of course - women, unlike men being multitasking, but the three pedals and arm, but in addition, "domestic producer" is too much for our operating system. Again she personally know a girl who for a glass of martini complained that she did not understand - how can you look directly on the pedal and the road. By the way, the situation with guns and mechanics depending on the color of hair is a very revealing - little, very little quality dyed blondes prefer mechanics. On my way to meet them all three, and that mechanics was not domestic. However, not everything is so critical, can be found on the road and even natural blondes on motorcycles and a taxi driver at a red zhenschinu- four broken-down, gray-haired old lady and absolutely masterfully steering the field (she is still so funny Dzyadok jumped in the back seat), and the brunette Observations at Bentley ... I typed the car - anything can happen.

But I probably still dyed blonde. Just in case of a sudden ?!


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