6 most terrifying foods in the world (7 pics + text)

If you have breakfast with something from this list, it has nothing during the day will not spoil your mood.

№6. Eskamoles

Location: Mexico

It liometopumovyh eggs giant black ants who live in agave. Collect the eggs damn dangerous job, because that ants are poisonous and do not like people.

The consistency of the egg about as cottage cheese. Usually eaten in tacos with their sauce Guacamole. They taste pretty good, so buying in Mexico, something of ethnic cuisine, you may not notice that the ants ate the eggs.

№5. Casu Marzu

Location: Sardinia, Italy.

This goat cheese, the infected cheese flies. Result: decomposing stink bombs, moth larvae.

Translucent larvae are able to bounce, so you need to protect your eyes. Taste burns language implies smelly cheese called liquid lagrima - tears, and the larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply, causing vomiting and bloody diarrhea.

Cheese is a delicacy in Sardinia, but its manufacture is illegal. Yeah, exactly where at least someone is willing it is - it is banned. Those. in other places - no.


Location: Norway

After zarazhennnogo cheese, this dish is comforting to clean. Even too.

This cod, soaked in alkaline solution to such an extent that could corrode the silver fillet utensils.

In principle, the alkali used for cleaning pipes, destruction weeds, burning the horns of the cows and so on, but some argue that lutefisk is quite edible.

№3.Vino of mice

Location: Korea

This traditional health drink drink in China and Korea, to taste it, they say, like kerosene. Small little mice, yet blind, lay in the bottle of rice wine. Touching.

And so it would look on the European market:


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