Santa Claus and the system administrator

Santa Claus and Sysadmin ... coincidence?

1. Santa Claus beard, thick and ridiculously dressed
2. When you ask for something from Santa Claus, the chances of getting it tend to zero
3. Santa Claus rarely responds to mail
4. When you ask Santa Claus, where he takes all that he has, he says: "It's a miracle ...»
5. Santa Claus does not care about the timing of your projects
6. Your parents are credited with supernatural powers to Santa Claus, but do it all yourself.
7. No one knows to whom Santa Claus is responsible for their actions
8. Santa Claus TOO many laughs.
9. Santa Claus does not hesitate to break into your $ HOME
10. Only a madman speaks poorly about Santa Claus in his presence
11. Santa Claus have to do all the work when there are no users.
12. He has to work even in the official weekend
13. He argues that it is unique, but you often meet the same ... he
14. Users of an incredible number of unreasonable requests, but in the end, all they need is a new toy
15. Somehow, somewhere in a strange way ... he found his wife the same as he.
16. Where people do not believe in, be sure there is someone who does the same thing, only his name differently
17. People are just not enough to see the results of his work. They keep pestering questions about how he manages to do it. They were not satisfied with the answer that it's magic.
18. Even non-believers are praying that he would come.
19. He is the only one who laughs at his own jokes
20. He will never find another job; his resume is too specific.
21. In order to do his job, he is forced to climb into the narrow and dirty place ... even if he's wearing a nice suit
22. And finally ... even if his work is largely immaterial, the world becomes a better place because of his presence.



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