The New York exhibition of Tibetan weapons (6 photos)

Mongolian helmet 15-17 century.
Engraved on the helmet means protection from bad planets and stars, destructive demons, weapons, ghosts, and other threats.

Tibetan sword from the 14th to the 16th century.
Tibetan or Chinese Buddhism preached peace-loving Dalai Lama, as a rule, does not recognize the violence. Earlier generations of followers of this religion, however, defended the path of enlightenment with weapons in hand. From the seventh century, Tibetan Buddhists armed with their gods and Tibetan soldiers. In ancient Himalayan paintings, you can often see a variety of weapons for the protection of religious doctrines.

Most of these armaments were intended not for military actions, and for ceremonies, despite a long history of military conflict with India, Tibet, Mongolia and China.

Tibetan or Mongolian Mask 15-17 century.


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