The unique healing properties of Tibetan milk mushroom

The unique healing properties of Tibetan milk mushroom is very interested in famous in the early twentieth century physician-herbalist Badmaeva. He claims mushroom can do the unthinkable: to treat allergies, hypertension, diabetes.

Moscow doctor Krupenin N. N. decided to check the properties of the fungal kefir on patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis. He has conducted research, which revealed that milk mushroom reduces the pressure in 29 of 35 patients.

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In the 30-ies of the last century in the Smolensk medical Institute and owned by the clinic scientists conducted the studies on the properties of lowering the blood sugar of people with diabetes. The experiment involved 75 patients, including 34 insulin-dependent. On the third day of reception of mushroom yogurt as a dependent and not insulin-dependent patients, there was a reduction of sugar in the blood of members of both groups.

In the middle of the XX century, the Professor of the first medical Institute of St. Petersburg Vakhrushev and Semenov spent studying Tibetan milk mushroom. The main questions of the study was the physico-chemical properties and biological characteristics of zooglea, chemical composition of kefir and its effect on microorganisms, resistance of bacteria to it. In addition, the professors studied the effect of mushroom yogurt on the antigenic properties of pathogenic microbes and the effects of biological factors on antibacterial properties of the yogurt, its toxic and other properties and area of application. More specifically, the researchers investigated the infusion of the Tibetan milk mushroom in the examples the treatment of enterocolitis and chronic bacterial dysentery of several types. After these results, the researchers said that the medicinal properties of mushroom kefir is similar to that of ftalazola and chloramphenicol.

In 1903, at the clinic of infectious diseases were treated 41 patients, of which 5 people were observed exacerbation of chronic dysentery, in 11 – acute form of the disease, while the other 25 people had bouts of colitis and enterocolitis. Some time after the start of the infusion was noticeable overall improvement in the condition of patients, pain in the abdomen became smaller, the chair less. In 15 of 17 patients temperature normalized within the first day. More than half of patients stool became normal after 1-5 days and the rest within 6-12 days after you start taking yogurt. On average, treating a patient with an acute form of dysentery required 7 daily doses of the infusion, which is equal to 100 g. Even recovery took place faster than in the treatment with antibiotics and sulfonamides, i.e. traditional medicines. Bacterial bowel cleansing in patients with dysentery were held for 5-10 days. Not to be unfounded, you can give excerpts from case histories of patients.

Patient D., 42 years. The patient was admitted on the 6th day of illness. Complaints of loose stools with mucus. Observed spastic contraction of the sigmoid colon. During the inspection showed signs of erosive-hemorrhagic proctosigmoiditis (cracks, erosion, bleeding vessels). In Calais have been identified coli sonnei. Began to take the infusion of milky mushroom in the amount of 700 ml. after 6 days were observed normalization of a chair. On the 5th day stool cultures negative. The patient was discharged after 2 weeks. Before the statement was taken another stool cultures showed negative results. For 4 years after discharge, no recurrence was observed.

Patient K., 48 years old. The patient was admitted with complaints of loose stools with blood, General weakness, malaise, pain in iliac region. The results of the fecal tests were discovered dysenteric pathogens, resistant to antibiotics. Before entering the clinic the patient was undergoing treatment of dysentery by ftalazolom and chloramphenicol for three weeks at another hospital, where was discharged with no signs of disease. During the inspection there is swelling of the mucous membrane of the rectum. There is mucus. Discovered ulcers at the height of 6-8 cm, the Patient was immediately prescribed an infusion of milky mushroom 1000 ml per day due to the length and severity of the disease. The infusion was introduced directly into the rectum, given the presence of ulcers, enema of 50 ml for 7 days. Analysis of feces, taken at intervals of 2-3 days, showed a negative result. During re-examination of the rectum, held on the 18th day of negative changes also were found. And on the 19th day of treatment the patient was discharged. Six months later, this patient again had taken the tests, the results of which were negative, recurrence was found.

In severe cases, along with the infusion of Tibetan milk mushroom can be used efficient. Due to this treatment the disease falls quickly, and the timing of recovery of the mucosa of the large intestine reduced.

In the same way, the authors were advised to treat and children with staphylococcal colitis, where the disease was delayed. And the sooner you start treatment, the sooner will come the result. It is noteworthy that this treatment always succeeds, and the patient fully recovers. In addition, the use of infusion milk Tibetan mushroom is necessary for gastric and duodenal ulcers, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of any nature. Mushroom kefir, you must ingest at the very first signs of the disease and in large quantities. It is necessary to add that taking the drug orally, even in large quantities in any case not harm the body, but just the opposite – has a healing effect.

Very sorry, but in Russia since then, experiments on the provision of the action of milk mushroom on the human body no longer carried out, but he attracted the attention of Bulgarian doctors-naturopaths. In Bulgaria, a highly developed treatment of natural drugs, particularly fermented milk products from cow, goat and sheep milk. In peasant families from generation to generation transferred ferment and the secrets of the recipes of therapeutic drugs. Bulgaria is considered a country-ancestor of yogurt. Typically, the yoghurt prepared from cultures on a mixture of Buffalo, cow and sheep milk.

Healthiness "Bulgarian yogurt» extremely interested in the Russian scientist I. I. Mechnikov. He experimented to increase the duration of human life by the destruction of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, during which he received the bacteria of fermentation of this drink. In our time at the Institute of Sophia-bred stick, which was developed by the Russian scientist. This product is called "mill" in honor of Mechnikov. When you study milila data were obtained about its curative and preventive effects in atherosclerosis, candidiasis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and even cancer. Although cook has mill from yeast quite simply, when it requires great precision and accuracy. Ironically, in Russia completely forgot about milil, and in Bulgaria it is cultivated and studied so far.

Bulgarian naturopath angel Gorbachev in studies conducted more than two dozen kefir starter cultures revealed that the infusion of Tibetan milk mushroom, which is used by the inhabitants of the Danubian area of Stara Planina, was the most valuable and useful.

Have Kormacheva still there in his clinic, but because of the research he conducted in clinics in Sofia and Varna. Medical practice, he also not engaged, because to widely used Tibetan milk mushroom for medicinal purposes, you need a huge amount of funds, which the Bulgarian government is just not there. Because of the research he carried out for purely theoretical purposes.

That's just research scientist Gorbacheva was not complete. He never found out that the bacteria of the fungus are and why they are so beneficial to the human body. Recently, scientists have discovered a new bacteria have reconsidered the problem of dysbiosis and, quite possibly, soon will please us with new treatment options for this and other diseases.

In the words of the angel Kormacheva kefir Tibetan milk mushroom has its own unique lactic bacteria, not found any more in any other dairy products. Thanks to this wonder of nature in the middle ages in India and Tibet healers could cure tuberculosis, bubonic plague, gangrene.

By the way, a naturopath claims that kefir milk mushroom you can get a natural antibiotic still unknown to science, and has all the chances to make a revolution in medicine. Gorbachev also made a description of how yogurt displays a synthetic antibiotic of the human body and outlined the importance and necessity of the use of Tibetan milk mushroom in the treatment of many diseases. He is firmly convinced that synthetic antibiotics are slowly but surely ruining humanity. published 


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