As one person figured out who pisses him under the door

From the author:
Have you ever happy that you Nassau under the door?!?
On this day, I'm not just happy! I was happy. This morning I ran around the apartment screaming raptures and Homeric laughter ... Even his wife, immobilized consequences of a corporate party, found the strength to open his right eye and smile. It was clear she is also very happy.
A week earlier ...
No ... a little!
Six months earlier.
I Nassau under the door .... For the first time. I was pretty upset. And the reasons for that were two: firstly the fact that injustice was extremely offended. Secondly, even the process of diffusion through two closed doors quickly spread a wonderful smell throughout the apartment.

A couple of days there was a dispute, who will address the mess these things, because it was even more painful to remove. I insisted that no man is occupation, the wife is counterarguments. In general removed.

Many cat owners are reading this? And many of them tried to wean his skotinku shit where nizya? I think we all know that any self-respecting cat would not stop at once made.

In short, he did it again a week later ...

Ask why a cat, not a dog? Why "he" instead of "she"? Somehow, this just did not have doubts. The first dog to such meanness is not capable. Dog or too smart for that, or too stupid for that. But why "he", we did not know just intuitively. So we realized that we are PA-IS!

The third episode, we have accepted with serenity, but with humility. It was not just a shame, we were beginning to get angry.

After 4 months.

We are used to. During this time, after the anger was the anger, and then anger, and finally remained impotent rage.

Changed two mats. We have been carefully studied all forums and websites devoted to solving this overarching problem ... but sufferers generally struggled with his own household zassantsami. Some suggested poking snout, others suggested a miracle drug "antigadin." Immediately there were others who claimed to be from the "antigadina" they are still at large are beginning to spoil.

All local cats that grazed unattended during this time were in the stairwell neodinazhdy to poke their noses into a puddle. Once at the main suspect I even wiped the puddle. But the evidence was not, and deport all the cats in the 101st kilometer was irrational ... and then: cat, I actually love, and punish the innocent Koshak so hard I was not ready. Desecration rug happened either late at night when everyone is asleep, or during the day, when all at work.

I started to think ... it's time J. abatement options were considered the most diverse. Came the father promised ... 110 volt transformer and assistance in assembling the circuit ... ... Pope humanist, said that 220 can kill! Hehe. Thanks, he refused. We are not barbarians.

One week ago.

And now I ask: Where I work?

And now I'll tell you: I work in a bank. It is no secret that the means of struggle against intruders in the banks, as they say, is necessary. Had he even two, even four legs ... ie. paws.

In general, I decided to use the administrative resource. And we have such a wonderful contraption, digital video surveillance system. Compact and reliable as a Kalashnikov rifle. We put it on the ATMs. Fires on the movement in the rest of the time sleeping.

The hunt is on.

I do not want to overload the technical details, in general, I brought this miracle of technology home. Mounted in a junction box in the stairwell. Where necessary holes drilled where to put his postings on the stool in the apartment door controller itself is located. The camera has sent exactly on the mat. Network znachitsa dotted. Wait.

Day One.

I wake up in the morning - dry, come home from work - dry. I DO NOT Nassau under the door ... and I was really upset. Well, Nitsche, fishermen patient people. Then I think: Give you look there is something machinery captured! Connect the controller to a computer. Turn off the lights! Let's go!

So ... 7:40 ... I went to work. Who's next? 09: 01 ... ... wife went to work late then ... well, then what?

False inclusion .... nothing, nothing ...... OPPA !!!

Siamese! Walks! Sniffing! Long! Sniffed, left, after 3 minutes reappeared again smelled! Again left. After 30 (!) Minutes appeared again and again dumped! Here, I think, you bastard: piss it would be desirable, but the smell was obviously smelling salts (sal ammoniac wife last sprinkled say it helps).

I recognized him. Also someone entrances. It was almost a sentence Siamese. But fishermen patient people. We must, I think wait for this bitch still do their dirty work.

Day Two.

The second day truncated dry. But I know that it does not mean anything. Compromising certainly still dripped.

What he saw me, I confess, great upset. It turns night-day on my rug-visited sniffed another 3 cat. Different, but local landlady.

Well, Nitsche, fishermen patient people.

Day three, four and five.

All unchanged. They must, on the top floor of any meeting every night at 4:00 held or planned bypassing. In the frame, and one by one, and together. But, so far without consequences. We are waiting.

The sixth day.

He did it at 4:40. I even door did not open, and so felt. Immediately I went to take readings. Take pictures ... "approach", "waste", "fixation". I made it. The power of the human mind won feline urinary force.

I went to a neighbor. He responded casually, as if he had every day for the surveillance data show pissed mat. Yes, says he, is my furnace. Wow, I think, well, on the fate of the cat to be written in the furnace. He promised me that he poreshat this question. Let's - let's wait, but by that cat I ever go quietly I can not. After six months, bitch, nerves spoil me ... Perhaps I ears he still kick ... or piss him .......?


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