Why did the artist to be lighter than the photographer

1. Any failed pattern consisting of green spots with brown stripes and white squiggles on a blue background can be proudly dubbed "The Summer Forest", to name a new direction in art and otmazatsya from annoying commentators "such a vision┬╗.
2. When drawing the portrait is a risk that the final result object "blink" tends to zero at supersonic speed.
3. Red-eye can command. You want - will not want to - do not. Without Photoshop.
4. The horizon is littered only with a hangover and not even on the canvas, and in the real world. If this is some kind of miracle happened in your new creation, refer to. Claim 1.
5. When your name is on the party in the club, no one expects you to walk in the evening with brushes and an easel and paint everything. You're going to rest it.
By the way, you are still pleased with weddings and birthdays - because they are not working.
6. Sometimes, copies of paintings by great artists can cost more than the original. With images such focus does not pass.
7. The more you draw, the more inspiration. After the paint - a highly toxic product. With photos only ride this thing to the party rastamanov.
8. Focus and sharpness is embedded in your body initially.
9. The artist is not cheap boast such as "I imagine today voooot takuuuyu brush bought!┬╗
10. One swab great artist can exhibit. One swab and let the best in the world of photography is suitable only for the clinic.


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