Crazy ideas to save the planet

We endlessly predicted apocalypse. Apparently, our poor planet must be killed by an asteroid, the solar explosion and global warming at the same time. In this connection it is necessary to save the planet.

10th place: A scientist from Karaganda offers cool the Earth with the help of magnesium oxide (MgO), known as magnesia. Magnesium on the ground a lot, and besides. magnesium is harmless for flora, fauna and humans. Among similar projects include the production of salty steam with the help of special devices that will take seawater and turn it into a cloud of saturated sodium chloride.

9th place: Another project - to lose the iron into the ocean. Iron will contribute to the growth of plankton and algae, which will collect carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This idea has been tried several times since 1990. There were both successes and failures.

8th place: When 15 years ago in the Philippines eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the temperature in the coming year fell on the ground because of the particles, have risen into the upper atmosphere and reflect the sunlight. Scientists propose artificial volcano that would be released into the air billions of tons of sulfate.

7th place: NASA has spent 75 thousand. Dollars to development in general plan to create a "solar umbrella" of trillions of little reflectors between Earth and the Sun, which supposedly will allow some to reduce the temperature of the planet.

6th place: In order to protect us from asteroids, offers accommodation near the massive asteroid Space Korablin with plenty of fuel that its gravity will cause the stranger to evade their way ...

5th place: It is also proposed to destroy asteroids and "push" their path with a laser, based on the orbit.

4th place: In another project proposed to paint a giant asteroid from a spray bottle (to get to work solar radiation).

3rd place: The Swiss physicist Mieczyslaw Taube offers to move our planet move to another, more distant from the sun's orbit. According to his plan, along the equator to be built 240 towers, 20 km altitude, on top of which will house the thermonuclear jet engines, which will be at the appointed time to push the Earth away from the sun.

2nd place: even more ambitious project - to reduce solar radiation. We must somehow reduce the weight of the sun, while the luminosity is reduced, and life will be prolonged. Using ion accelerators installed around the sun, the sun can be made quickly to give energy. For 300 million years, the Sun will lose eight percent of its present mass, but it will serve us in 2000 times longer.

1st place: According to extraterrestrial sources, according to the evolutionary changes of the solar Logos, our star was reconstructed in the 70-ies of the last century (think of the hot summer in 1972!), But the process was delayed due to the fact that humanity at the time it was not ready for transformation. With the purpose of saving people from disasters Galactic Federation of Light has proposed the idea of ​​pan-planetary "Noah's Ark". We, the people, promise to save everyone, but it must be personal consent of each. The Creator of our galaxy for organizing the events of salvation earthlings responsible Supreme Ruler of Planet Earth JESUS ​​SANANDA (Supreme Hierarch 7th Level Violet Ray or 7th Heaven).


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