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November 18, 1999 at the age of 93 years died a famous German-born photographer Horst P. Horst - by famous photographers' girl in a corset. " Horst entered the history of the 20th century as the greatest master of fashion and portrait photography and one of the creators of erotic photography in its present form. For 60 years of his career he became a truly legendary figure, but his work - synonymous with elegance, style and exquisite glamor. Today we have gathered for you the outstanding work of the author.

Horst Paul Albert Bormann was born in 1906 in the city of Veysenfels, Germany, the son of a wealthy merchant. Already in his early youth he met in the house of her aunt with the dancer Evan Weidmann, was largely determined by his interest in avant-garde art. In the photo: a picture of the famous series "Dial» (Round the Clock), 1987.

However, the first photo is of little interest to Horst. He learned carpentry and furniture craft in the Hamburg School of Applied Arts and passionately interested in architecture. In 1930, Horst moved to Paris to study architecture under the supervision of their idol - the famous Le Corbusier.

Horst soon met a young photographer of Vogue Baron George Goyningenom-Güney, becoming his model, assistant, and also rumored lover. Already in 1931, he began collaborating with Vogue.

In 1932 he held the first exhibition of a young photographer in Paris. The exhibition received rave reviews in the magazine The New Yorker, by which learned about it, not only in Europe but also in America. Horst P. Horst So suddenly "woke up famous," suddenly becoming the real star of fashion photography.

In the same year he made a portrait of the actress Bette Davis, who became the first in the list of pictures of celebrities, which is replenished throughout the life of the master.

In 1935, Horst became the chief artist of French Vogue. Later, for many the name of Horst and the concept of "style of Vogue» become synonymous. In the photo: a picture of the famous series "Dial» (Round the Clock).

Photos Horst is a brilliant play of light and shadow. He worked almost exclusively in the studio where he could create the necessary lighting, and almost never used filters.

Models of his work is often associated with the ancient statues: Horst even made the girls go to the Louvre, so they penetrate there plasticity and elegant grace. What do you think the photographer, the main technical problem to be overcome by his colleagues - a model of restraint; the rest can always be easily overcome.

Horst lot of attention to detail, often very catchy and surprising: "In my best work is always a bit of a mess, for example, a dirty ashtray", - said the photographer.

In 1936, Horst creates one of his famous "fashionable" sketches - "White Hand" and removes Fonssagriv Lisa (pictured), which is a long time become his favorite model.

In 1937 Horst first met Coco Chanel. He really admired this extraordinary woman, he called her "the queen of all" and was willing to take pictures for Madame anything.

In September 1939, Horst made his most famous photograph, "corset Meynboher", which created a furor. This work is considered to be the pinnacle of eroticism in photography.

And next year, Horst takes the first photograph in the style of "nude" the same model - "Lara with harp».

In the 40s, Horst moved to America and received US citizenship. His American passport has written the name under which he entered the history of photography - Horst P. Horst.

The famous series of photographic portraits of Marlene Dietrich in 1942 captured the actress in thought: this work has become a classic glamor portrait. In the opinion of the actress, none of the other photographers do not whitewash the skin and does not conceal even the smallest figure flaws.

During the war, before the photographer got a difficult choice between his native homeland - Germany - and the new homeland - the United States. In July 1943, Horst joined the ranks of the US Army and worked as a war photographer in the Army magazine, but these works are not widespread.

After the war approach to fashion photography has changed somewhat - the place of studio shooting came pictures, stylized reportage. And Horst switched to portrait photography international bohemians.

In 1945, Horst was invited to the White House, where he takes pictures of US President Harry Truman, who later would become his true friend. In the postwar period, Horst did portraits of each new first lady of the country. Photo: Jackie Kennedy, 1953.

Horst continued to take until 1992 until his eyesight has not deteriorated dramatically. In the photo, one of the later works of the author - "Eva Rose", 1988.

Today Horst - one of the most expensive photographers of the twentieth century, the price of its original author prints, very rare on the market is constantly grow and fluctuate at around $ 10,000. Photo: another shot of the famous series "Dial» (Round the Clock), 1987.



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