All blue-eyed people are brothers

Holders of blue eyes, as scientists have found, are the descendants of the same man. The researchers were able to establish that he lived about ten thousand years ago on the shores of the Black Sea.

As it turned out, the vast majority of blue-eyed (more than 99, 5%) observed the same mutation in the gene responsible for the color of the iris. All they have inherited the same variation in the same spot of its DNA. According to carried out the study by Professor Hans Eiberg and his colleagues from the University of Copenhagen, this means that the ancestor of all our blue-eyed contemporaries was one.

For their study, Professor Eiberg attracted nearly 800 blue-eyed people of different nationalities - from blond Scandinavians to the citizens of Turkey and Jordan. To determine the exact time when there was the aforementioned mutations, scientists can not yet. But we know that it happened in the period of settlement in Europe come from the Middle East. Most likely, experts believe, the place of "birth" of the mutated gene OCA2 became the north-western part of the Black Sea region.

Eiberg said that brown eye color occurs under the influence of the dark pigment melanin. However, it is in northern Europe in the gene fails, violated the melanin production, which led to the appearance of blue-eyed people. If men and women with the eye color are virtually identical genetic sequence of the part of the DNA, which is responsible for eye color, then the owners of brown eyes, in contrast, found a lot of the number of individual variations in these genes.

I must say that blue eyes have long been considered a sign of near and naive man. However, researchers from the American University of Louisville sure: blue-eyed achieve great success in their studies and careers than their dark-eyed fellow.

Bright-eyed lucky, it turns out, are awarded not only the ability to outright win the hearts, but also more talented. They learn better, reach more success in sports such as hockey and golf, they strongly developed strategic thinking. These conclusions made peremptory professor Joanna Rowe, who led the research. Dark-eyed part of humanity is not the first time such a hearing. I remember that Adolf Hitler, not as a professor, also put the blue-eyed above all others. Then, however, it was not all about golf.

Anyway, in itself a weakness for blue eyes - it is not a crime. "We can not explain this phenomenon, but exactly sure of its authenticity," - said Joanna Rove, commenting on the results of the study.

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