You are what you think

Our endless universe there is a huge energy network in which absolutely everything and all of us are connected on an energetic level. There is only one source of life, which expresses itself through the human, animal, plant and mineral. Nothing is separate from this energy network.
Quantum physics discovered this truth for a long time. Matter is not as dense as it might seem at first glance. Matter is an endless stream of light particles, which are held by a certain form of invisible forces.

Scientists have discovered by analyzing any matter, down to the smallest elements outside of atoms and subatomic particles, it all comes down to one obvious original substance from which all existence originates.
Matter in fact, "Frozen Ghost." The particles of photons, or particles of light, frozen or have been slowed by vibration so that we, as human beings, we can take them.
This Universal Spirit or the firstborn substance is the basis of all solids, liquids, gas or air. Every person, animal, plant or mineral is derived from this original substance. All of them are different in appearance, but they were all "born" from a "source". They only differ in composition and vibration.
We are all one with the "Source", which manifests itself in every living being. In fact, there is no difference between us and other creatures. Each creature is an expression of the Life Force, but in a different and unique state of development and expression.
Some people prefer to call it the power of God, some call it Allah, Brahma, the cosmos, the Source of Life, and so on. What really matters is the quality of the relationships that we build with our own lives. The better the quality, the better our connection with all-things-there.
The Universe is a living entity with an indescribable intelligent operating system. The law, which is the basis of all - the "Law of Attraction" or "Create a principle"
. Creative power of thought.
The Law of Attraction implies that every soul creates its own reality, based on their deep beliefs and beliefs in life. And this truth, more and more people are discovering in their search for the meaning of life.
Thoughts are phenomenal creating powers. Thoughts are the designers of Universal substance and because they are the creators of our experience at any given time. The world with which we interact, is one of the greatest "reflector" of our inner attitude towards life, our inner vibrations.
Life is really a game. Energy moves in a circle. This means that we can only take on the same wavelength, which we set up, and which were transmitting.
It's like a boomerang effect. Each of us is a transmitter and receiver at the same time.
Our thoughts, feelings, intentions and expectations - not that other, as energy waves that are emitted at a certain energy level. Once posted, these waves are connected with similar waves and come back to us strengthened.
Compare this with a radio transmitter. If we set up our radio wave at 102 MHz, it would be impossible to get anything on the other frequency. We are in the transmission with the help of our thoughts and feelings, and constantly attract, like a magnet, it's all on the same frequency level.

Our most hidden convictions really never stay inside us, but going on a deep energy level with the vibrations of all entities, resonating with our energy level. These statements are currently registered on an unconscious level, the world around us. They are sent out into the universe and connect with similar energies, as in the saying "birds of a feather flock togetherĀ».
You've heard from other people, "We are what we think." Does this saying a great truth? Can our minds really have such a huge impact on our lives? Several years ago, the following experiment was conducted.
The teacher entered the classroom, where learning to put six to seven years, and told them that it has been proven that children with blue eyes smarter and learn better than children with green or brown eyes. The results were immediate and impressive. Blue-eyed children started to begin to perform tasks at a higher level in all aspects. Two months later, the teacher called the children to a special meeting and told them that he had made a terrible mistake. But he apologized and said that it has been proven that children with brown and green eyes smarter and learn better than children with blue eyes. Again, the results were not long in coming, blue-eyed children started to perform tasks on a conventional level of development, while children with brown and green eyes began to show better results.
What does all this say?
If you truly believe that you are smart, you will act as a smart person.
If you are sure that you are creative, you will act creatively.
If you are sure that you are a successful person, you will act like a successful person.
And so on and so forth.
We all live in accordance with the way the estimate itself. This self-esteem, a long time is not created by us, but is made up of thoughts and opinions of others about us, and of what they would have us believe. It is likely that we can all remember the situation in which we were intimidated by other people's comments, which seemed harmless, but had a great impact on us.
These comments are held together with us all our lives. It is very bad when people cease to believe in their potential and do nothing. They should make the first move created by themselves or others limitations before you get more freedom in life.
Most people believe only in what they see with their own eyes. Awakening the spirit of faith is required before that, as you can see it. It is important to know that the power of the spirit affects your actions and human contacts. It is important to understand the law of attraction.
Work power of thought.
The key to freedom lies in our relations with our thoughts and feelings, beliefs that we choose and the understanding that we are not a victim of circumstances. Freedom is defined by the fact that you choose and create, this is not what happens to you, by "coincidence", due to accidental places of random people, or luck.
Thoughts that you repeat all the time become your convictions.
These beliefs cause internal images.
These internal images influence our feelings and emotions.
Repeatedly appearing emotions create patterns of behavior or habits.
Habit expresses itself through radiation.
This radiation creates our life experience.
Our life experience shapes our beliefs.
For example, think about the implementation of your dreams. Along with these thoughts come into effect imagination. You begin to see yourself in a situation full of dreams of all the beautiful details. These images evoke the feeling of happiness, joy, gratitude and other positive emotions. The more you play with these emotions, the more they become patterns, habits - the basis of your actions. After some time, your light to the outside world, other people begin to treat you at your feelings. This experience, whether it be successful, happy, unexpected meetings and so on, confirm your initial thoughts about what your dream is fulfilled.
The same goes for negative thoughts. If you see yourself as insignificant and unworthy, your imagination is looking for approval for your subconscious. It finds old memories of failure, the situations in which you were defeated and did not meet your internal expectations. These images create negative feelings, such as disappointment, fear and lack of feeling. They are patterns of feelings of insecurity and self-confidence. You radiate these negative emotions to other people, and they begin to treat you according to your feelings. If you do not believe in yourself, how can you expect that it will be done by other people? Since you do not believe in yourself, you will experience more rejections and less luck and happiness is in your daily life, and in communion with other people.

Ā© George Redhaw
Final words about the power of thought.
To summarize:
The thought (inner conviction) + imagination (visualization) + Feeling (emotion) + Behavior (habits, actions) + Radiation (subconscious effect on the world around us) = Experience.
Our mind has unlimited ability to learn new things. We only use 10% of our abilities, the remaining 90% is simply not investigated. The most important step in the discovery of their hidden abilities is making contacts with these abilities. We have the power to take a step out of this mass consciousness and choose our life beliefs.
We have programmed our subconscious in a positive direction. Remember what we sow in our subconscious mind, we will reap in the material world. Our mind can be our enemy or an ally. If you say to ourselves that we can do something, we will certainly succeed. Our subconscious immediately finds reasons to duplicate this statement.
In the words of Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or you can not, you are always right!"


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