Men tend to be more fun than women

British scientists conducted a study and found out why the male half by nature is more inclined to joke than women.

It was found that laughter is responsible for the male hormone testosterone. And since it in the male body is much greater than in women, men and joke often.

However, scientists note that even men a sense of humor, and the development of strong, but its nature is different from women's joking manner. Professor Sam Shuster of the University Hospital in Norfolk reported that men bantered more than women, but their jokes are more assertive.

To prove their theory, the researchers conducted a scientific experiment, which was attended by more than 400 people - men and women of different ages respond to the kind of Schuster, who was riding down the street on a unicycle Newcastle.

According to Schuster, comments have been approving most women, while 75% of men eased against the cyclist snide cues - such as shouting after him: What tire lost? Particularly aggressive behaved young men - especially the drivers lowered their windows in cars to shout something unpleasant.

The professor points out that such demeanor is almost common in older men who are on the level of tolerance approach to women.

A psychologist Nick Neave of Northumbria University, studied the effect of testosterone on the psyche and behavior, also believes that the reaction of the men in the experiment Schuster was indeed associated with the male hormone testosterone.


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