Steal drive and steal a chicken: what is the difference

Comparison of "stealing music" with "theft of the supermarket" beaten and put it mildly, incorrect.
Here let's look at it this way: if someone came into the store and ordered a chicken under his coat - that the store will be one less chicken.

And if someone copied the song - it will not disappear from the personal to the author player, I assure you! Thus, we should not talk about the theft, and to reduce potential profits. And it is potentiality. And here everything is trickier.

For example, there is a new movie theaters, tickets cost 300 rubles. And who bought pirated discs. Thus, it is terrible to say, stole 300 rubles from the pocket of the film.

Is it so? Yes, provided that otherwise he would go to the cinema. But not everyone who is able to buy a CD on the market for $ 100 for family viewing, put 300 rubles for going to the movies, with a nose, right?

Another example: the wheels "of 10 films-in-one." As a rule, there is a "locomotive", and 9, as if mildly, to avoid the censorship ... you watch them or do not will, or view 5 minutes and turn off rasplyuetes.

Question: Do the authors of the g *** on you, too, was stolen at 300r?

You see, the digital age - this is the era when, figuratively speaking, can be "five loaves of bread to feed thousands of people».

And even a million. And the cost is considered to be very different - in terms of the total number of audience and the collectibility of specific parts of it. In this - the fundamental difference of such content by, for example, sausage.

If the production of sausages spent $ 100. per kilogram, then sell it cheaper 100R - a loss of definition. And here - a little bit different. If a film has collected in America, 100 million, and the tickets cost $ 10, it does not mean that if Russia launched a million pirated copies, the authors have lost 10 million. Because of this a million at most a few thousand are ready to pay 300 rubles to the nose. Others simply do not go to the movies. And even charges 'without the pirates' would be well, a hundred thousand.

And do not ticket 300r, and 30 - and go to the movies the same million. And taxes will accordingly - a million dollars.

Prosperity pirates due only to the fact that the prices of digital content are not corrected in accordance with the solvency of a particular country or population group.

In any case, you need to clearly divide pirated products into categories. For example: movies, software, books, music. Why? Yes, for costs on.

Movies, especially with special effects - a huge initial costs. But also a huge market. Lower rates of license to drive hundreds of rubles - and no one will take for the money "10-in-one" in the market! Do not be greedy! And so the film will pay off or not - will depend on the film. Garbage, no one will buy it for a ruble ...

BY? Here costs depend on the scale of the software and its mass. In any case - a large number of people work. But to say, "Now, Photoshop uses a million people a thousand bucks - then stole billion from Adobe" - nonsense! Because 99%, in addition to professional designers, in this photoshop red eye removed, and brightness is pulled in the pictures with tsifromylnits. Who of them actually have to pay thousands of dollars for Photoshop? Yes anybody. Because the free Paint.NET does the same thing, and almost as easy and efficiently. And not paying money Adobe. Pereb'ete :)

So stealing it? The answer is less straightforward than in the case of the chicken in the supermarket, do not you?

And finally, the most odious: music. Maybe I will tell a heresy, but all the same: a true artist, poet, writer, singer - should not live in luxury! It seems cruel - but it is the understanding of life, human experiences and troubles forced him to do. A simple example: Elvis Presley. From the talented boy, a lowly truck driver, he turned into fat being mediocre and died from an overdose. What happened with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, finally? Compare how they started and what are today.

"Star, earning $ 400 concerts a month" - but do not tell me! If the star is really so much earns, therefore, her producer earns a million - minus - four - dollar - to - month. In any case, it is to the star is not sawn, not Skurov not skololas not grown fat - she is obliged to obtain the maximum thing.

You know, the artist / singer / songwriter has to live and die in poverty, like Mozart, but should not turn into a freak dvadtsatidvernym limousine as you-know-who.

So what about the music - this sucks arguments about the "theft". Means of making money - concerts. And the wheels, radio, the Internet - is only a way of promotion and maintenance of popularity. More Download someone's songs - more they like. More people will come to the concert.

And the stars will be on what to eat, but will not be on that prick. Idyll! :)

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