The actual call to the company "Danone", about the "Marshmallow Froot Loops"

 - Hello. Danone-Bolshevik, listening to you!
 - Good afternoon. Tell me, what about Rastishka with whom you can talk?
 - With me, what you are interested in?
 - I am interested in dosage.
 - How do you know?
 - I have a boyfriend of 5 years, he Rastishka this much should be given at bedtime?
 - We recommend our products to children from three years. But you should not overfeed. Specifically say how much you need, the doctor can only.
 - And you do not have the dosage? It's still a serious thing if from her fly.
 - What of it, I do not understand?
 - Here's the problem? You have to clip the baby cries, "Grandma, I flew again." And my complain - you know, it does not fly. Every morning I hear:
"Dad, I did not fly again!" Well, as I explain to him?
 - Well, you explain that (pause) ... For a child this ad is a bit unclear ...
 - What is there to understand - my grandmother gives the child Marshmallow Froot Loops, and the baby flies.
 - I understand you. Explain to your child so that if a man - and not necessarily the child - flying in a dream, it means that the person grows.
 - For six months he eats and it does not fly. Does not fly - so do not grow properly?
 - Well, I do not know your child is growing or not:
 - But I know it! Because we have a nick in the kitchen, I always do with an ax, every three months, where he has there head.
 - I understand you. So he grew up during those six months?
 - The fact of the matter is that there is. And this is your cottage cheese may have the opposite effect? ​​
 - No, it can not. It is a fermented milk product, the special effects on the growth, he does not. It contains calcium ...
 - Thus, the second. He can not influence the growth ?!

 - I'll tell you. Contains calcium in curds. Calcium that we do?
 - Girl, I do not know what makes you calcium ... you said that it has no effect on growth. And what he had to go to hell ?!
Rastishka  - It strengthens bones of the child, as the bones become more dense.
 - The bones are dense, but as long as they are not from this, right?
 - I understand you ... On the issue of the child grows, consult a physician.
 - I'd better consult a law on advertising. I spoke with the neighbors, there all the problems related.
 - (Pause). Yeah, I know what you mean.
 - Come on, maybe another movie with them? Grandmother, I again strengthened bones in a dream! "Ukreplyashka»!
 - I see that you care about this issue. Tomorrow will be a brand manager, she came up with the roller, it is you and answer your questions.
 - Well, thank you, even said that he will not grow. I should not have worried, go out ...


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