The new commercial center will be heated by the energy of people

The Stockholm district of Västra City builders erecting unusual commercial center Kungsbrohuset, which for space heating will be used by the energy of people.

Because people are constantly produces heat, it can be said that any inhabited house, though to a small extent, but is heated by people. However, for heating buildings in the winter a large source of energy - is too small. Because without conventional heating systems no same leaves office buildings.

The highlight of the project Kungsbrohuset is that for heating (and then - partial), this building will use no heat of its inhabitants (office workers, visitors cafes and shops), and the heat of passengers nearby train station - Stockholm Central Station (the largest in the country). There are more than enough people - passes through Central Station, 250 thousand people a day.

The ventilation system will install heat exchangers station that will transmit energy from the air heated by passengers water. Her piped to send Kungsbrohuset, where she will have to heat the air in the office premises.

According to the authors of the project, the system will provide 5-15% of the energy required for heating the business center, though how this unusual idea would be effective as though no one knows. This system, of course, does not eliminate the need for other types of heaters, but still help to significantly reduce operating costs and help reduce the burden on nature (emissions of heat and power plants).

In addition to "tolpovogo heater" will be applied in Kungsbrohuset other energy-saving technologies (including - reduced heat loss) and alternative energy sources, which together should reduce energy consumption in all buildings by half, against the usual business center of the same size.

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