Yesterday I was driving to work (poem)

Yesterday I was driving to work
in a snowstorm, fog and black ice,
suddenly swept by Toyota,
took a dangerous turn.

Crossing the highway
where the continuous band,
driver smeared lipstick
ink and paint eyes!

How can you not go mad with rage?
I dropped in anger razor
(I did not have time to shave at home
and on the way shaved cheeks).

Fell straight razor in coffee
(Between his knees was a glass - my mom cooks a delicious coffee - I drink it in a mist).

When the subject of a heavy fall,
cool hot boiling water
splashed wherever it is not necessary - there is a third degree burn.

So I jumped up from the pain,
and from my hand the other
suddenly fell mobile phone - and again - in coffee in a straight line.

I do not remember that there was more ...
He opened his eyes: a hospital? morgue?
Now, no cars, no mobile phones ...
But the band between the legs.

All plastered to the eyeballs,
without plaster only the head.
But the moral of this tale have - ALL RIGHTS TO WOMEN pick !!!



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