Excuses office workers for their opazdaniem :)

(spelling and punctuation preserved the authors)

1) late due to the fact that no time out of the house.

I went to the store to buy, some things. I decided to go to atobuse to save time, but did not succeed, because on the way from the store to the subway, passing cars splashed water from a puddle. I had to go home to change clothes. It would have not missed so many

Today, late for work, because they do not time out of the house. Pasted mask and carried away much of this process ...

Late for work, because not heard ringing alarm clock.

Late more than 2 hours on the phone at night ... akkamulyator sat, alarm did not work, and I overslept.

Late for an hour, because in the morning to grab the abdomen, had little to stay at home.

2) an hour late today due to call waiting and plumbing home (due to a small accident). I spent the evening.

Today I came at 13:30, was delayed for personal reasons (slept).

3) Today I was late for 1 hour and 15 minutes because overslept. I spent today.

Today I was late for 1 hour and 10 minutes because overslept. I spent today.

Today I was late for 1 hour 40 minutes, because overslept.

Spent 50 minutes today and tomorrow, 50 minutes

4) I need to meet guests who come to me and placed them in a hotel.

It turned out that these need to be addressed to me 8-)

Today I would not be at work, or will most likely later what that allergy poured all over the body,

5) I unfortunately arrived late for work today for personal obstatelstvam ((Because with those that went to the housing office on business, and there turn ...

6) Unfortunately I can not show up for work today, July 7, due to malfunction of the door lock: /

Today, 3 March, I was late because of the extremely poor performance of VTB24 performing service salary bill. Since ATMs vydavaemmye limit the amount we have to use the cash register of the bank, in line I stood in exactly one hour. Self service was also not bytsrym as "the computer frozen" in time of the transaction.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of small branches of the bank and the mode of their work leaves little choice for the time of their visit.

7) absent from work two days - on Thursday and Friday, 3 and 4 July 2008.Po because cold (illness).

"Without giving a piece of temporary disability"

8) I missed the last before a long break from the passenger train movement, the frontal, as a result arrived at the office just now. About my lateness was promptly warned Jora as the most active of the leaders, which reports directly to the employee Romanovsky.

9) Due to the terrible traffic jams on Sevastopol, Podolsk, Mytnaya Lyusinovskaya, Andreev and God-where

An hour late because of traffic jams on the Podolsk w. and the complete lack of parking spaces

An hour late because of traffic jams in the area of ​​Tula.

Yesterday, due to travel to the insurance, prospalL today simply because yesterday left work after midnight.

Late because of unimportant state of health, and in addition, waiting until the release of our parking space (and not dozhdalsyaJ)

10) before today ... I'm going for my birthday colleagues presented concert tickets one just today ...: /

Tomorrow, as opazdat MGTS will repair the phone, the master must priydti from morning till 16.

11) Igor **** come later today, or will not come. At his house burst pipe, he sits waiting for the plumber.

12) asked permission from the head to leave early for solving the world's problems.

13) Today I was late for work at 2:00, so we had to change the door lock

Today I was late for work, because I was flooded neighbors. This time, I worked on other days.

14) Today, too late for 2 hours, injections cat and take him to a veterinary clinic. From the window of the fifth floor I jumped.

15) Was late because of difficulties in traffic

16) The reason for the delay ...- cancellation of trains, I went to the garden

Today and yesterday morning, do yourself healthy teeth dentist District

It was necessary to get to the pet store, and it opens from 10am.

Igor was necessary to go home early because he broke down the house door and the family was left in the street.

17) Today I was late due to a malfunction of the cooling system in a car, which required re-routing and field repair.

Today I was late for work because and I slept until the pile stood in a traffic jam on Ostashkovskaya Yenisei and Prospekt Mira.

today I probably late for a time of about 2.5 hours in connection with the rescue operation to help Sasha Zaleski.

18) I have to leave work early today, apparently, that is not something I slipped into the canteen ...

19) Anton **** sticks in a traffic jam and get out there a little later normal.

20) Yesterday I left early because I was invited to a party with our Pindos =)

And today was delayed because he was at this party =)

My segodneshny delay caused by banal waking.

21) Today I was late for 1 hour 3 minutes, makes it possible that the problem was to get to Moscow, as trains were canceled, and leave by taxi - we are not so easy to

22) an hour late because half an hour looking for somewhere to park. again blocked Letnikovskaya half and throughout the streets - traffic jams, due to the fact that all parked in three rows

23) Today, on Friday, the eleventh of April, I came to work late due to the fact that the dentist was arrested

I, Igor ***** late today at the morning of the operation because too long association with the dentist.

24) Today I was late for an hour because the bus was standing in a traffic jam

25) Service Forgot start yesterday evening, late in the end on the hour 45. Apologies

Overslept a bit today, and time conversion seems to say. Sorry.

Clicked Today the wrong button on the alarm clock and slept little.

Calculates delayed by 20 minutes, but because of loading simenovskoy food for half an hour late as a result.

Found in the kitchen gas leak and has asked for leave from work for the day, as attempts to shut the main valve were unsuccessful.

I lost wallet at home today with the money, and a travel pass that found already entered the subway. I had to go home and back.

He went this morning to the bank and stayed in line.

Was late for 40 minutes, I'm sorry. A scattering of yesterday moved the wrong branch, and went to the old place raboty.Opozdal eventually for 40 minutes.

Today the guest gets an unfamiliar route and failed to properly calculate the time path. Late in the end of half an hour

Today, I am guided by the long-term habit overslept and was late for half an hour to work. Sorry.

26) I have to leave at 15.30 today. at my house finally allowed gas!

27) Grisha today too sick. If tomorrow does not get better, I'll tell him how bad things I learned today the dentist.

28) This makes it possible with the current geopolitical situation in the world, I need to leave the office today at 18.15. Marina put in izvestnost.Chasy will be worked out after the normalization of the situation.


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