On the methods of struggle with office informers

Today we will talk about office informers. I'm sure many of you have encountered this phenomenon and, moreover, almost all willy-nilly become informers. The atmosphere in the office to this very favorable.

Why is the psychology of people is that they have little hope for the authorities, the fact that he himself sees and understands everything. Apparently, in most cases, the head of the just do not care who and how laid it to monitor performance and results, ignoring the preponderance of work in the direction of one or the other employee. Either it pays, but not a workaholic, and simulator activities.
In kindergarten, we called informers "sneak." It was a terrible insult. That is how we, the three-year assholes, were on the same side, and educators on the other. Do you think that psychology has changed since you became an adult? I do not think. We do also run a more influential person and his hands are trying to punish you unwanted employee.

Office snitches are different. It is very much dependent on a man or a woman knocks. Specificity stukachestva just simply differs radically.

So, a woman knocks. Yes, a woman knocks on continuously, in the nature of female psychology. "Accidentally" drop the phrase in the course of casual conversation with the head, alternating flirting with whistleblowing. Hardly a woman to write an official denunciation. No, most likely it will just be a replica, and rotated the most acute angle.

The woman is not to say that someone does not perform his duties, she will say that someone said something bad about the boss. What plays a female staff? That's right, on merit, on the psychology of man and his weaknesses. She unerringly hit where it hurt the chief - his self-esteem.

Ocheno difficult to prove that an employee is engaged in nonsense, instead of to work. Sometimes it is simply impossible. Experienced freeloader simulates rough activity, piles of paper on the table and constantly fussing in front of the nose of the authorities by taking up the phone or sending himself SMSes and immediately running out.

Therefore, the tactics of female denunciation often hit right on target, and even a couple of squealing, and the head begins to unconsciously refers to objectionable less loyal employee.

Men are divided into two types. Men always knock, but there are two fundamental differences. The first seems to be undecideds and likely express apt remark in the smoking room. For example, so - Silent stands next to the boss, listen with an understanding view of the fact that the chief of staff, and as soon as it comes to the victim Silent exhales cigarette smoke, so characteristic of frowns, says almost inaudibly, "Yes it does not work or you ... "extinguishes his cigarette in a bucket of saliva and leaves.

All stukachok done his job, stukachok can go. This is less efficient than the female tactics denunciation, but also works well. It works even more effectively than authoritative looks snitch.

The second type of denunciation - a self-affirmation in the eyes of the team at the expense of the victim. This hidden form, does not always work, especially if the snitch has already earned in the eyes of the collective image of troublemakers and hysterical. Such brawler starts yelling, blaming, and point to their own merits. And while health is not suffering from the troublemakers, on the contrary, he throws it all calmly and feels like the nerves of waste and improving lives. Suffering and sacrifice of the whole team.

Such a form of denunciation, as if from a pure heart and kind of like, "Well I do not have to keep it all yourself!" Is not too effective. Talk heart to heart with the head always has the effect several times better.

How do we deal with all of these informers, if in fact we normally work and do our job better snitch?

Well, women do not need to fight. With a good attitude to you that bad - basically a special role is not playing. This ratio may change several times a week. Most often, a woman envious, so even just achieving good results in the work, you can not count on her favor. Truly sorry looks like a man who is trying to play up to "influential" lady in the team, rather than to gain experience and to defend his line of conduct.

Understand that such an opinion - still, that the opinion of the grandmother out of the house. It can sometimes shit, but this is unlikely to be serious.

I'm not looking at options with a female boss. To anyone says, but there are no (or not stay) woman in authoritative chair, if it does not know how to think ahead of their emotions. So clearly we share these concepts and do not confuse Clerk Marina and sales manager Olga Olegovna. Armchair chief leaves its mark, and is not erasable.

Thus, in the case of a woman just work and do not pay attention to it.

The case isteroidom - do not be afraid to talk to him heart to heart, and find out the relationship outside of the office. Most often, when it comes to the idea of ​​such an uncivilized act, and just days to contact by shit. Well, good? This is me about the taste govnetsa that you just crap at all.

Who would not say, and the method of force and threat is the most effective. People are coming up with new technology, trying to win at least a little space and something to stir up with nanotechnology, but human psychology changes. The child will never get better if you do not use the strap, it is a fact of life. Man will never understand what he is doing something wrong, not yet come up against limiter with a fist.

Discussions, beliefs and attempts to see reason troublemakers - a reversal of their attention on him. See how quickly a spoiled child calms down, rolling around on the floor, if you just go into another room and did not pay attention to him. And you can get a belt and a couple of times to make soothing gestures.

Similarly here as well. Outside the office a few times to try to turn the conversation to fight - and you see how the toilet the next day will be white, and even without microbes. Do you think the force - a method for stupid? Drop these stereotypes.

It remains the most powerful and the most sophisticated type of informer - authoritative, old, honored worker. Or simply Silent, in time to do everything. I think that these snitches in rotten office environment even useful as a shallow "Masha", expelling cockroaches.

This orderly office sees you through, and if he says you're not fucking work, the more likely you are not fucking work. The method of struggle - work and requesting advice to such authority. You can not make friends, just believe. And here deserve attention - quite.



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