Russia will stand there in the third world? (7 photos + video)

Experts insistently predicts World War III, and it seems to have no empty pugalki in the spirit of "one woman said." The global economic crisis is delayed, the market is almost exhausted their resources, and, as has happened several times in history, it is a war - one of the simplest and most logical way to reach a new stage of development. However, the war of the future will be significantly different from the past - this is, above all, a fight technology, not armies.

The role of electronic warfare in quite unfortunately, the probability of war the next century, regardless of whether they are local or global, it is difficult to overestimate. Over the last year the market of EW (Electronic Warfare) in our country has exceeded 12 billion rubles. Its average annual growth rate is estimated by experts at 18%. By 2020, the global turnover of more than double to over $ 15 billion. Russia's share will be at least 10%. What for? Why and on what to spend such huge denzhischi? Try to understand that for an expensive beast named EW, what it does and why it was necessary.

Emerged in the early XX century, during the Russian-Japanese EW over time has become one of the main factors determining the safety of the country (after nuclear weapons, of course). Wars are "non-contact", and the ability to change the trajectory aimed in your direction, or not let the missiles close to its territory of an enemy drone equipped with stealth technology, can ensure the survival of the military group, and in the future - a victory.

Station powerful noise interference SPN-4. Designed to protect the land sites and facilities by aircraft radars (radar), including control systems weapons class "air-to-ground."

"Shroud-6" mounted on the BTR-70. Electronic systems designed to fight wasps radio-controlled explosive devices, as well as to protect the technical information.

Russia is now actively rearming and pays great attention to electronic warfare. Last year, our paratroopers set of electronic warfare systems "infauna" and MKTK 1A "Judoka". "Infauna" protects soldiers from the radio-controlled explosive devices and small arms to suppress the enemy radio. A "Judoka" protects the information and determines the location of enemy radio-electronic devices.


And this year, part of the airborne troops equipped with another small-sized transmitters and interference with the gentle name of "little forest". However, do not underestimate the device with a diminutive name: medium-sized "little forest", is placed in a backpack, it effectively protects the armor and automotive equipment, as well as personnel from defeat radio-controlled mines and explosive devices.

In addition, the project resumes aircraft electronic warfare "Hawk". It seems that the Russian Defense Ministry finally realized not only itself, but also able to convey to the leadership of the country the importance of the development of modern military technology.

Most Russian manufacturers of electronic warfare united in concern KRET belongs to the corporation Rostec. In 2012, its revenues amounted to 5, 6% of the world. In the domestic market KRET - the undisputed leader of the 94% of the EW weapon control systems produced at the enterprises of the concern.


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