5 most popular "excuses" modern men

Common "excuses" of modern man, that women face, and which do not allow to move to a more serious level in relations

In the struggle for a place "under the sun" everyone is trying to take a VIP-zone. During his becoming someone juggles status, someone standing, someone has the money, and some "useful names." Company forgotten how to look deeper, to look "through", hoping to see the most important and not waste time on the tinsel. But as you know, in detail all the most valuable and important. Women always pay attention to the little things. It is the little things play a crucial role in the selection of the elect, in search of work, the ability to pay attention in the rest of the top issues of vital choice. Therefore, men difficult to dissemble, when a woman plays the role of "judge».

Modern men are more capricious and infantile. They are in most cases know what they want, but rarely when doing something to get it right. They need a push. Girls note push rather than a kick. The main shortage of men in modern society are: a lack of responsibility, patience and physical strength. And these small systems they are trying to "heal" his indispensability, inaccessibility and always busy.

In various forums, websites, magazines pops the same fundamental question of commercialism women. Nobody says that we, ladies, do not love money, but we are not fixated on them. We still need a reliable rear, warm and caring. But I will not dissemble: without the financial support can not live, and it is today a painful subject for many men. Frankly, we are "hunting" for men, it is the male rather than the paper notes, so do not blame us otherwise.

Our place is not in the kitchen, as you loved ruler of the world, used to say, we prepare, because we want to show care, love and respect to you, representatives of a strong part of humanity, and not because we have to keep you warm and clean with a full stomach and in good spirits. Our day on March 8, we fully sit on a throne on a daily basis. And this is not an exaggerated view blonde women do - the muse, guardian of comfort and beauty queens. Often it is women rule the world, but we do not advertise that their ability. After all, God created a beautiful woman getting a man to admire this beauty, wisdom to help young men make the right choices, good to carry into the world of peace and inner balance, and a little bit naughty to do during the week more vivid and memorable. But, dear guys, you would not have to be bored, be honest!?!

Modern man wants to see a number of strong, beautiful and successful woman. But getting such a "bouquet", they often do not know what to do with it. Here the girls are faced with a huge number of problems that can not afford to move to a more serious level in the relationship: the offer to live together, the decision to give birth to the baby or marriage proposal. When dealing with modern men can face a number of such nuances:

1. Modern man is ready for marriage, but the time has not yet come, the time is not the most appropriate and should wait a bit.
This is a typical scheme, the excuse for some men. They seem to give hope to immediately show our hope that this is feasible only in the "promising future". After a series of disappointments of the young man he realizes that is ready to start a family and quite firmly standing on his feet, but there is a fear of leaving the familiar area, and there is a risk that once something goes wrong. This fear is inherent in both men and women, but sometimes it can make your risk tomorrow bright and unforgettable. Joint life - is an important step, but it is certainly not the end of life, a new door to the unidentified faces in the world. In family life there are many highlights, the main thing you need to remember that this family - this is your joint creation, your schedule, your choice of week-end (s), your joint range of holidays and trips. Living together gives a special warmth and care. This risk is worth it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained something.

2. Modern man is ready for a serious relationship, but now it has little financial difficulty.
This excuse is simply amazing its "inadequate." That man gets "exclusive rights" to a particular woman, does not prohibit him to continue to develop in the professional field, to look for new sources of revenue and continue to spend their own money on their own entertainment. Well, in the end, the woman also lived once before I met him, that means it has its own source of income. Woman by nature are not armless creature, and she even has a brain, so do not assume that the appearance of a woman - a yoke on the neck. His girlfriend - a bright addition, not more item of expenditure.

3. Modern man is ready for joint life, but now just time career. He simply can not afford this "luxury».
Another nonsense. A woman on her mission in the world can only inspire, inspire and give an additional source of energy. It gives more than takes. Men are blind and stupid, if you believe that career and relationships are incompatible by nature. Relations during the "construction" of his career, helping the man round the clock support, new emotions and empathy at home.

4. Modern man is ready for the appearance of children, but it is still not developed.
How can you say it out loud? What he has not done? With whom? This excuse is striking in its tenderness thinking, but some of the girls then continue with such a young man, as if entering his position. Perhaps these men with special radar "all my improper" looking for their victims. If there is not a woman that a guy will not strive for a more sustainable future will not be faithful, or, especially, want children. This woman leads a man to the goal. She is his muse and compass, passing wind and sails, navigation and guiding star. By the appearance of the children will never be 100% ready. Always there will be a fear of the new, unexplored and will be a new face of responsibility. Children - this is not a new car, or buying a house. Kids - a new stage, which scares her unrecognized and "eternity." But not in vain princess or hero in the hands daddy - this is the most beautiful sight in the world. Perhaps it means something ?!

5. Modern man is ready for a joint life, but you, as a woman, not the best hostess in the world. You need a little more like a cooking course or courses housewives. After his mom prepares delicious, removes cleaner and makes everything better.
They say that the way to the heart of a young man is through his stomach. Then the question arises, where in the chain a place for the heart and soul? Any woman can learn how to cook delicious and become "Mister Proper» in cleaning, but it must understand that this man really need it. She should see a return, gratitude, care and patience. And when she gets back reproaches and discontent, the boomerang in the form of heat and care should not wait. Dear men, do not ask a woman what the stingy themselves. Do not compare mom and wife. You've seen that take? What is now permanently change the content of "goods", it is better to change it to the new store. And if you do not want to change, and should not be reproached.

World relations - a deserted island, where there is only room for two. No one will give advice better than your inner voice. Men, like women, are afraid of change, but that is no reason to deprive yourself of such a wonderful feeling, like love. Happiness has no borders, it has no form, it is only the contents. If there is not a man, it is better to let him go, I do not think of him as a back-up plan "B". Honesty and frankness - a lot of strong, so maybe it's time to sincerely admit to themselves and others that "excuses" come up when something does not want. And life is one, why spend it on unloved and unwanted ?!

I propose to find and live their spiritual impulse to give happiness to respond today.

Marina Poznyakova


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