Simple truths about relationships, about which we should not forget.

1. No person in your life's journey is not met you in vain.

Every day we meet new people and of each meeting take out something important for themselves. Someone is testing us, someone uses and teaches a lesson, someone helps to learn new skills, and someone makes us better and it is the most valuable.

2. In respect you get the same thing as giving.

Do not expect that in response to the vagaries of accusations and insults, you get smiles, hugs and declarations of love. If you want understanding, try to understand themselves. All returns - this is a simple formula that works at all times.

3. No need to fight for a place in human life.

Love can not be - many people forget this simple and very wise truth. Never try to win for themselves a space in the life of another person. After all, you can not know for sure if he needed it.

4. All people change and that's fine.

Needs, thoughts and even people's beliefs change over time. So if someone says that you have changed, do not worry and do not look for flaws in himself. Perhaps these changes have gone the other way round in your favor. There is nothing wrong in the fact that your interests with a close friend may differ, and communication come to naught. It is better to occasionally send each other greeting cards and save fond memories rather than trying to squeeze out of the relationship is what is left to save and irritation inside. Be sincere.

5. Above the relationship to work.

Relationships are not built by themselves. They require the active participation of all parties involved. Sincerity, reciprocity and respect - these are the basics, without which any relationship will fail.

6. You must be able to forgive.

Many believe that forgiveness - is a sign of weakness. But the words "I forgive you" do not mean - "I'm too gentle man, so I can not be offended, and you can continue to spoil my life, I will not tell you a single word," they mean - "I will not let the past ruin your future and present, so forgive you and let go of all grievances ".

7. Disputes - it's a waste of time.

The less time you spend on swearing to people who annoy you, the more time you have left to communicate with the people you love. If there was a dispute between you and a loved one, keep yourself in the hands. Do not let anger take possession of you, or you could say the words for which you will be ashamed rest of his life. Sometimes a strong relationship can destroy one wrong word.

8. You can not change another person.

Man is able to change only himself, but not in any way someone else. Therefore, you must learn to think of those near and dear to you people for what they are. If something is fundamentally does not suit you, be honest and say so. Perhaps the one you love, willing to change for you.

9. Lack of in your life some people can go you can only benefit.

Do not be afraid to change the environment. You must be able to let go of his life of the people who make it uncomfortable. If lately you get the once best friend only betrayal and abuse, you need to stop clinging to the past and to break off relations.

10. Appreciate the people who are close.

Do not forget to tell loved ones about how they are dear to you. Pay enough attention to them. It is possible that your relationship will end someday, but even if something does not last forever, it does not mean that you should not spend the time.


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