After 20 years, have to give up chocolate.

It is likely that the next generation will never know what the patients teeth, as scientists say that in 20 years chocolate will be on par with caviar, that is, will be almost a luxury. "Chocolate will become so rare that not everyone can afford it».

This is depressing news for countries such as Ghana, whose economy depends on the chocolate (or rather from the sale of cocoa beans). The main reason for the gradual disappearance of cocoa beans - is irrational use of land in Ghana and in other countries, famous for a large number of "chocolate" plants. In addition, the chocolate tree should grow in shady tropical forests, which in our time disappear under the scorching sun and the hands of vandals.

The problem of the disappearance of chocolate trees in West Africa, for example, applies not only to farmers and chocolate manufacturers such as Cadbury (the company uses 100% cocoa in West Africa for the production of chocolate), but also for environmental organizations that are extremely concerned about the destruction of tropical forests.


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