"The poorest president"

Important to promote revolution, Thomas Sankara, who was considered a charismatic leader, considered a personal example. President lived on a salary army captain, is $ 450 per month, and the presidential salary of $ 2,000 listed in the Orphan Fund (after the overthrow and murder of Sankara turned out that his personal belongings consisted of an old car "Peugeot" bought before coming to power, the refrigerator with a broken freezer, three guitars and four bikes). One of the first innovations was the publication of his government's revenues and accounts of all government officials.

Moreover, Sankara forbidden to install air conditioning in his office because he "ashamed in front of people who are incapable of such a luxury," and refused to sanction the hanging of their portraits in public places and offices in connection with the fact that "in our country, such as I , seven million. " Was sold to the entire government fleet of "Mercedes", instead of that for the needs of ministers were acquired "Renault 5" - the cheapest at the time cars in the country. Sankara cut the salaries of officials, and forbade them to use the personal driver for tickets and fly first class. Of officials required to change expensive Western suits to traditional cotton tunic sewn locals. Under the new year administrators obliged to pass on a monthly salary in favor of social funds. Dismissing one half of the cabinet, Sankara sent them to collective farms - to work on the ground, "where they will be of more benefit." Within three years after the arrival of Sankara to power (in 1986), the World Bank says [citation needed] that in Burkina Faso to eradicate corruption.


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