Pasta give joy and soda - depression

It turns out that what we eat can affect not only our figure, but our mood. We offer you a list of products that will bring you joy or, on the contrary, contribute to stress.
To lighten the mood, we need:
► Carbohydrates - increase the levels of serotonin (hormone of happiness).

Where to look: in bread, cereals, pasta, vegetables and fruits.

Choose more "complex" carbohydrates - they contain large amounts of dietary fiber, processed slower and saturated for a long time.

► pleasure hormones - endorphins and ekefaliny.

Where to look: in any favorite foods (if absorption pleasure hormones are produced by the most active), as well as in chocolate

► Vitamin C - reduces the release of stress hormones.

Where to look: in fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

► Iodine - improves psychological immunity.

Where to look: in fish and seafood. Record for iodine content - cod liver oil (100 g - 370 g).

► The amino acid phenylalanine - slow decay pleasure hormones. Nutritionists claim that phenylalanine works not less effective than antidepressants.

Where to look: a good source of protein - beef, chicken meat, fish, beans, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, nuts and tomatoes.

Products that contribute to stress
► canned, pickled and smoked - excess salt and spices violates the water-salt balance, increases blood pressure and increases the dryness of the mouth (the main symptoms of stress).

► Black coffee, strong tea, sodas - excite and exacerbate emotions, including negative.

► Heavy foods (fatty meat, strong broths) - slows endocrine processes.

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