Little - son to the father came

Little-son to the father came
Little-son to the father came and asked asshole:
 - What is "kreatiff"? And who is "Albanian»?
Dad dropped from the hands of a drill and pliers,
and his little son hoisted close.

 - So I'll tell you, my son in that no secret
all the shit like rushing from the Internet.
There is a get-together there, they call them "bastards».
It is inherent in the spirit of creation, tact and humor thin.

If the boy wrote in his spare time reading
and trembling, the forum is merged his miracle,
at the same moment they primchatsya, rocks indecent,
and write "the author is cool! Patstalom! Gothic! »

If the boy is not lazy and accustomed to work,
still he did not get rich.
During sleepless nights, all the fruit of his reward:
at best "cool!" and at worst "Drink yadu!»

If the boy "Photoshop" learned from a book,
this is very good, maybe even too much.
But there is always someone who will come and say:
"Uzhosnah! Teach materiel! "And shit obmazhet.

If the boy prodigy, if not throws beads,
patamushta intelligent thought is "glamorous vyser».
Better "pervonahom" or be "boyanistaya»,
than to try to stir up trouble in the sleepy "Mosk" zhyzhysta.

If the boy somewhere suddenly got hold of "pelotka»,
and passion was dry throat,
and now he pussy tormented day and night,
that his name is on the web just "kiberdrocher».

If the boy had forgotten to change the layout,
you get "lytdybr", ie misprint.
Eternal exile in Bobruisk, he will be punished ...
That is, perhaps, the end of my story.

Then the father sighed slightly, rose from his chair,
a single tear on his cheek flashed ...
 - I hope you vsosesh my lesson truthful,
and how you grow up, buy dad a beer.


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