Children of parents of different professions

son meteorologist
 - How old is your son?
 - Plus five.

son programmer
 - Tell me what the first word uttered your son?
 - Hellovorld!

son of the administrator (Hardcore)
 - Boy! And where is your mother?
 - Burned.

son LJ hundred
 - Boy, and you go to a class?
 - First nah!

daughter military
 - Tell me, hard to be the daughter of the military?
 - That's right!

the son of the builder
 - Peter, show us what can your dog!
 - Tuzik lane! Dinghy, Veera!

Fearing son (the operator of Customer Service)
 - Boy! Where's your dad?
 - Dad is temporarily unavailable. Please ask later!

son glazier
 - Tell me, where is your son?
 - It's right in front of you.

son of the president
 - Little Johnny, who runs your dad?
 - I see it - it does not work!

Khodorkovsky's son
 - Little Johnny, who runs your dad?
 - I do not see it - it does not work!

son Rastaman
 - Boy, the name of your father?
 - Papa Jar.

daughter ment
 - Light, dad gives you some pocket money?
 - Only when does something wrong.

daughter conductor
 - Hello, little girl! I - Santa Claus, I brought you gifts!
 - Your Ticket! A girl in a blue coat, too, rides or mourners?


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