As one atheist whole year complied with all the biblical covenants

A.J. Jacobs - man-experiment. When he set the task "to be the most intelligent person in the world", he spent a year out to read everything in a huge article Encyclopaedia Britannica. But his latest experiment - a much more interesting. Jacobs, an atheist by birth, decided to spend a year doing everything Biblical laws. To do this, he first read the Bible and wrote out all the commandments - from "do not boil a kid in its mother's milk" (Deuteronomy 14:21) to the need to cut off the hand of their wives, who, trying to help her husband in the fight, grab the opponent by the ... how shall I put it mildly ... of the reproductive organs (literally "When they fight among themselves, the men and the wife of one approach to deliver her husband out of the hand batter him, and put forth his hand, and taketh him by pudendal beats, then cut off her hand no pity in her eyes yours" )

Total sorts of prohibitions and guidelines appeared about seven hundred and everything AJ Jacobs was going to perform. It is written in the book of Genesis, "and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth," it means to be what decided the experimenter, and nine months later the family supplemented with twins (proud father, according to the canon, even sacrificed a chicken, which was very difficult to do, given that he was living in New York).

Appearance of the author, too, has undergone a significant change. Of course, I grew a beard because of the ban to shave, so that the last two months of his wife flatly refused to kiss him. Wardrobe also had significantly changed since the Bible clearly prohibits the wearing of mixed fabric (Leviticus 19:19 - "shall keep my statutes, not thy cattle drives inoyu rocks; not sow your field with two kinds of seed; in the garment mingled of wool linen and wear. »)

As a result, A.J. I began to dress in the clothes of 100% natural white (reference to wearing white in the Bible is also available).

Scripture also became a source of conflict in the family newly fanatic. Thus, any place, on which sits a woman during menstruation is considered "unclean". To annoy her husband, a wife, a feminist trying to "critical days" to sit perfectly on all chairs, stools and chairs in the house. In order not to violate the rules of the experiment, AJ was forced to stand in your own home is, it is not got the idea to buy a portable folding chair.

Children according to biblical tradition was also problematic because of the caning which the father was required to "register" for certain violations, social services could take the children.

But here, people experimenter got out, bought a stick of foam rubber, which resulted in his eldest son just loved.

Infidels threw stones husbands and wives in the city, too, was very difficult. But nothing is impossible for the human upopnogo. After earning a handful of the smallest pebble, and prior authorization, sinners were punished, as the Bible instructs.

As explained later theologians, in fact, the practice of stoning was extremely rare in ancient times, once every seven or seventy years. And what people usually dumped off a cliff, which speeds up the death and makes it relatively painless.

Do not forget to A.J. Jacobs and about tithing. Since he did not belong to any church, its ten percent he gave to orphans and widows, as prescribed by the Old Testament.

Prayers were also a weak point for the novice atheist. But, as prescribed, A.J. thanked God every time things went well, for example - when the elevator dovozil it down to his floor.

During his experiment, eccentric American commune traveled many fundamentalists - from Israel Orthodox Jews to the Amish in Pennsylvania and found a warm welcome everywhere. He even managed to "talk" to the biblical themes of one of Jehovah's Witnesses, who clearly did not expect such an atheist literal knowledge of Scripture, and besides, and literal fulfillment of all the commandments.

Although A.J. Jacobs remained atheists at the end of the experiment, he argues that a year of life of the biblical law was one of the best in his life.

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