Sumer and Akkad

I begin the story of cities Sumera, who more and more because we habitually called Sumer and Akkad about.
For some reason, the civilization of Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia otherwise) are attractive for us to remain in a mysterious and attractive.

esusvetnaya civilization of Sumer.

"On the one who saw it all to the edge of the universe,
Who was in charge of the hidden, who are grasped,
Experienced fate of heaven and earth,
The depth of knowledge of all the wise men ».
"Gilgamesh". Babylonian epic translated Gumilev

In the XIX century Mesopotamia has given mankind many discoveries - have found the legendary city of Babylon, Nineveh, and their structure, considered allegorical figures - the Tower of Babel, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the palace of Belshazzar ... The scientific world was sure that between the Tigris and Euphrates once flourished two State - Assyria and Babylonia, and here French archaeologists discover traces of a completely unknown, no one else like people - some bald, stocky man in grass skirts. At the time it was to exclaim: "Lord, and those who are somehow?! & Quot;

And yet this nesusvetny people - the Sumerians, like all other people of Mesopotamia, cuneiform writing on clay tablets. This world has experienced culture shock when their inscriptions deciphered. American professor of Russian origin, Samuel Noah Kramer published the book "The History begins in Sumer", after which it seemed that radically changed not only the distant past, but the present and perhaps the future. In fact, the theory of evolution is now flying to the devil! We - not the tip of a long development of mankind. Many scholars whisper asked yourself: "Is humanity regressing, only occasionally remembering and re-inventing what was known a long time ago our predecessors? & Quot;

Firstly, it became known that the Sumerians, nabrodivshis plenty of light appeared in the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates, at least in the fourth millennium, that is, their civilization was as old as the Egyptian, if not older. State them as much later than Ancient Greece, represented the Confederation of Independent's: Hooray, Heredia, Larsa, Lagash, Nippur, and two dozen others.


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