mobile operators are lit

Subscriber (A): I'm here in Ivanovo, can not for the "Bee Line" call. Number 902HHHHHH.
Operator (O): You are wrong, this number does not belong to the "Bee Line".
A: Girl, you just do not know is your local "Bee Line", called SMARTS.

A: Please tell me why I have here more than one stick does not work?

A: I called and asked about Caller ID and AntiAON, I was given 2 rooms. Which one is the gain?
A: One for Caller ID, the other for AntiAONa.
A: What do I connect? Which service is better?

A: Do not tell me that my "free" minutes are over. I'm on the phone speedometer installed ...

A: And what is the amount of ruble equivalent corresponds to the card face value of 1,000 rubles beepay?
About: 1000 rubles.
A: Yeah, thank you.

A: Restore sim card can be one of the central offices.
A: Well, I'll be there, in one the most important, which is "May".
About: March 8 ??
A: Oh ... yeah, of course, the holidays just confused ...

A: The girl, as you have a connection cost?
A: Connect with us for free.
A: And this, together with the VAT?

A: The girl in the taxi and pay per minute or considered for mileage?
A: Why are you asking me?
A: But you will help, not me.

A: Why do you need a cellular connection?
A: Yes, clean, simple ...

A: I want to connect your phone, you need to bring with you?
A: Passport.
A: Passport whom?
A: The one who will be execute.
A: Passport phone or what?

A: Remove the battery from your phone, open the lid ...
A: First you need to remove the cover.
A: Remove the cover.
A: It is easy to say, remove it sucked, so the snakes.

A: Your phone number, please tell me.
A: Oh-oh, what you asked! To your room in the morning to remember - this has not happened.

A: To whom is registered phone number?
A: On me!
A: I'm sorry, but I have, so far, do not recognize the voice. Could you introduce yourself?
A: What are you, man, you want to get to know ?! I'm Andrew ...

A: Girl, I had to call from Switzerland, and now there was a call from the number xxxxx, is from Switzerland?
A: No, it was a call from a landline Bryansk.
A: It's clear, it's probably from Switzerland, they flew over the Bryansk and called. Thank you!

A: Girl, four days ago I activated the card for $ 50. And now the money is gone. I said something three times.
A: Yes, indeed, you had three calls, calls to the US, and each call was three minutes, and in addition to this three days you have sent 390 SMS-messages.
A: I know, but money is what happened? Money I have not sent via SMS!

A: Who designed the contract?
A: In the wife's mother, but I do not know her last name.
A: A name is what?
A: I do not know! The new mother-in-law!

A: You have caller ID is not working properly !!!
O: Why do you think so?
A: I got a call, I could not come. He saw the number dialed, asking: "You are not interested in Vitali?" And you know what answer? "No!»

A: I've lost the device, but you know, not so much sorry for the unit and cover, so good was the ...

A: And now dial six zeros.
A: What are the six zeros?
A: Yes, all!

A: girl, my phone would work in America?
A: No, no, it is necessary to use equipment operating in the frequency range 1900.
A: Yes? It is a pity ... And if you go with him my husband?

A: You have the number with the code 901 or 903?
A: I have a 901 and a certificate.

A: Hello, girl, I've got a problem, I can not activate the card.
A: And how do you activate it?
A: Turn on the phone and dials.
A: What do you type?
A: The secret code card.
A: And you said the system?
A: What kind of system ?! I meet the fire.


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