Hollywood movie shooting

Says Ruslan Gurzhiy
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Today, I will describe the process of filming in Hollywood. Immediately apologize for the quality of pictures, since it removes all the rather cheap camera.

2. Take a rental truck in Beverly Hills, load all the necessary equipment and go to the place of the shooting.

3. As in other areas of American business, there is widespread rent equipment for a specified period. As professional equipment is very expensive, cinematographers working day begins before the first cocks.

4. The camera operator - the sacred cow of Hollywood movies. Before him in awe even the director. Therefore, special attention is paid to these professionals with their equipment.

5. The director and his assistant again reconciled on the cards. I must say that the actual production of any film quality is just the tip of the iceberg or a single shot sniper professional; the most massive amount of work carried out to themselves after the shooting and, in the process of post-production. In addition, a number of different operating points are often left unattended, such as: long and tedious negotiations with various companies okolokinoshnymi, casting actors, the search for the set, obtaining permits and licenses to shoot.

6. For example, an important detail: very few people know that the production of more or less professional film in Los Angeles County, requires a special permit from the city administration. In addition, in the film attended the scene with the use of even the fake, but firearms. It also required the notice of the police department.

7. Then pass the last briefing the crew team. Planning, coordination - is the basis of any successful business, including filmmaking.

8. Meanwhile, gaffery (fixtures) taken for the cause.

9. In parallel, the installation of cameras. This time we were shooting on 35mm.

10. In the makeup artists and makeup trailer in full swing the process of turning an ordinary girl in California usual Hollywood:-).

11. The operator sets the second chamber, which will be removed from the ten-meter crane.

12. Creating a movie is first and foremost - the ability to work in a team. Striking composure guys and friendly atmosphere.

13. Here any pleasure fills his partner's shoulder when the situation requires. At the same time, a clear division of roles and responsibilities makes the film so fast as possible. Each busy with his business and knows how this thing is best finish.

14. Contrary to popular belief among ordinary viewers, the position of second assistant cameraman (who operates a cracker) is not the easiest in the industry. Pose for the camera with a beautiful plate is only a small part of the duties. In addition, this person is watching equipment, helps the operator to locate actors and deals with many other small but important details. By the way, the minimum wage Clapper-Loader'a - about $ 14 per hour.

15. Thanks to the hard work of the whole team, ready to shoot a scene and looks fantastic!

16. But the director, who during the shooting of the king and God, it is difficult to please. Therefore, many of the scenes have to shoot several times. Rarely some of the scenes were shot in one take.

17. Filming - very tedious and often long process: while the fixtures are exposed light, operators have to spend hours waiting for its release on the set, and vice versa, while the operators at work, at gafferov - break.

18. Or light slumber.

19. Other while away, having fun as they can.

20. Your humble servant also had a chance to get into the movie! The fact that one of the actors because of illness did not show up to the shooting, so I had to play a homeless man in one scene.

21. Changing the film takes place on the spot and with great caution. Since the shooting on 35 mm - quite expensive, operators cherish every meter.

22. The final touches to the portrait of the actors, camera ... action!


24. Measurement of the focal length of the camera.

25. Director as always controls the whole process from A to Z, constantly directing his subordinates in the right direction.

26. Again, someone went to the toilet and the whole process goes on ...

27. Light - a major component of any survey, it is given a lot of time and it can not be neglected.

28. Operators and his assistant once again blow away dust particles with their tools.

29. A short break for lunch / dinner / breakfast (?) And then shoot!

30. Another important detail is the coordination of the process of filming scenes. It is allocated a separate item. If a discrepancy is found in the film frames or arrangement of things / actors in the frame - this means that the above-mentioned specialist eating his bread in vain.



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