40 years ago there were cell phones. Celebrate!

In the modern technological world it is difficult to find a person who does not have a cell phone or smartphone. Use them all: children, middle-aged and elderly. And this is not surprising, because cell phones — this is the fastest and easiest way to contact a person, practically from any point of our world. The surprise of the public, these devices have begun to call in 1973.

It was then, 40 years ago, on 3 April, the then engineer of Motorola Martin Cooper created the first ever phone that allowed him to call standing on sixth Avenue in the city of new York to Joel Engel, working in a competing company Bell Labs. Just imagine what a surprise it was Engel when Cooper asked "guess where I'm calling from?", said that he calls with this portable cell phone. This call became the start of a new era of development of portable telephone devices.


Martin Cooper later recalled:

"I don't remember what he said then, but I thought I heard the creak of his teeth."

In the 80 years, Cooper left Motorola and started their own phone company and later became a very rich man.


Then the phones were not now. First mobile phone weighed more than a kilogram and was placed in the large inner pocket of his jacket. After that, the phones began to shrink in size. Current models of these devices, it seems, decided to turn the story back, though continuing to decrease in thickness and weight, but increasing the size due to the large touch screens.


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