Icemobile - eco-vehicles of new generation

Space on the streets, as coffee is not enough. Traffic jams force humanity to think about a more compact transport than the car. At the same time to pedal a Bicycle under the open sky, maybe sports, but the rain rather disgusting. Comes to the aid of icemobile E4U presented at the Seoul exhibition Seoul Motor Show 2013, the Corporation Hyundai. Maybe soon friends and family will not only computers, but these "scooters"?

By the way, the exhibition takes place at the present time. It began March 29 and will run until 7 April 2013. So, E4U is another concept of transport of the future. The submitted sample is already quite efficient. He designed the company's Advanced Design Department. The letter "E" in his name means also the egg ("egg"), and the development ("evolution"), and ecology ("ecology"). Icemobile E4U can move in any direction.

Transport of the future is driven by the movable hemispheres (like halves of a ball). When these hemispheres are arranged vertically relative to the road surface (a rounded side touch the surface) and are shifted in the horizontal direction, generates a force that causes the vehicle to move.

To E4U not spinning in different directions, it uses little side wheels, like safety wheels children Bicycle. The force of their friction sets the direction. They play the same balancing role, that of the tail propeller of the helicopter.

Movement is possible due to the rotary force which is transmitted to the road surface movable hemisphere. These hemispheres carry out the rotation in the direction opposite to the clockwise direction. The direction of movement is set by the foot of the driver, located on the flat side of the hemisphere.

To E4U went ahead with his left foot, the driver performs the tilt of the hemisphere. The left side comes in contact with the road and push the road backwards.

The right foot makes the road to touch the right side of the hemisphere. In the end, the way "pushes" forward, and the future icemobile E4U rushes back. To move right or left, you should tilt the hemisphere forward and backward (respectively). Here is a "new word in pedestriani".

The driver of the mysterious vehicle has shared the impressions. According to him, the office E4U should be used. If you do not practice, sustainable transport new generation of difficult to give the right direction. At least the first time.

The speed of this miracle of technology depends on the speed of the motor rotor and the angle of inclination. During the demonstration E4U moved at pedestrian speed. But the slower the surer. You need some time to spend outside of the Internet. The development of this remarkable vehicle company of Hyundai started in October 2012. The Seoul exhibition is the first stage where the Hyundai E4U has demonstrated to the General public.


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