Moto 360: smart and beautiful watch from Motorola

Back in March Habré slipped news that Motorola and LG plan to release clever clock on the platform Android Wear. LG with this problem have already mastered, releasing LG G Watch , and the Google Motorola is about to ship the first batch of 360 Moto (so called device) for sale.

Anyway, reporters TheVerge was able to test a little test sample Moto 360. In addition, managed to "hold in your hands," and a personal device is executive director of Motorola. According to the journalists, and the test sample "for all", and the personal device works equally well (appearance they also almost identical to that it is no wonder - it's the same model).

Under the cut - pieces 10 photos total of 2-3 MB. I>

First Impressions h4>
 Journalists watch Moto 360 Liked: on hand sits well, looks great, too, the device may be called practical, it is not a decoration. Actually, the design of smart gadgets becomes more interesting (for example, here is a fitness tracker Activité , which does not look like tracker).

Moto 360 will be supplied in various colors, including "black-on-black" - a very stylish, yes.

Design h4>
 As promised, the case at all hours (of course, the display too). The image takes up almost the entire screen, except for a small area at the bottom where there are control display "iron».

The screen is bright and large enough (1, 8 inches). According to the journalists, the touch screen is very responsive to the touch, lags and "sticking" no.

Incidentally, the round design was created not by accident. The fact that the designers were asked to draw a few kids smart watches, like those currently represent them. And without exception, the children drew it round the clock. In general, it may be just a beautiful story, but the Motorola listened to the views of children and made the round watch.

Functionality h4>
 In general, Moto 360 is able to do what they can and other smart watches. This relationship with the smartphone (Bluetooth 4.0 LE.), And therefore able to receive notification of messages and calls directly on the display of portable devices.

This - fitness tracker, showing how many people took a day and how many steps it was done.

This organizer showing what events are coming in the near future.

Furthermore, the device shows approximately how much time to walk / ride to a specific location (shown and congestion in the region). Well, the weather is now, it seems, are able to show and predict even irons.

Saver clock can be changed by setting, for example, a shell in the form of conventional mechanical watches. From a distance you could not tell that it's not real arrows, and image.

A little video h4>

Price and order h4>
 Most likely, the price will be around US $ 250 (or more accurately say yet will not work). Order watch will be either at producer , plus Notify me when the device on sale website Madrobots .



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