Happy birthday, Elon Musk!

«I would like to die on Mars; just not on impact. » blockquote>

Date of Birth: June 28, 1971
Place of birth: South Africa
Education: physics, economics
Children: 5 pcs
Books that influenced: «Автостопом Guide to the Galaxy » (Douglas Adams), «Основание» (Isaac Asimov)
Companies: Zip2, X.com, PayPal, SolarSity, Tesla Motors, SpaseX, HyperLoop
Awards: Businessman of the Year (2013, Fortune), CEO of the year (2013, The Wall Street Journal) and etc.

Interview (article Habré):
Interview with Elon Musk. Part 1 - about how he wanted to become a physicist, but became an entrepreneur
Interview with Elon Musk. Part 2 - about the weight, about Mars and about MBA

Tour of SpaceX (2011)

Under the cut is the fresh (like) a video interview in English
Elon Musk: 5 Areas That Will Have the Most Important Effect on Humanity | Inc. Magazine
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