It is also wrong, as some mobile operators

Boost Mobile, a youth mobile operator owned by Sprint, has launched a campaign, which assures that the services Boost cleared of "irregularities." The agency 180 Los Angeles, received a contract for creative brand service in April last year, offer the customer to expand the target audience Boost. If earlier the majority of subscribers Boost were young people under the age of 26 years, now the brand appeals to people from 18 to 35 years.

The commercials of the campaign «Unwronged» (~ «Bug from wrong") 180 of LA and featuring production Epoch Films presented situations that seem to most people wrong, but for the participants of these situations are much less wrong than what they are doing cellular operators, speaking of one the cost of calls and charging more.

The campaign tells the audience about the new prepaid unlimited plan Boost, where no further paid "pitfalls", launched nationwide. Besides commercials, broadcast on ABC, NBC and Fox, it also involved radio advertising, billboards, bus stops, print and online advertising.


Download video clip or view a list of the creative team


Download video clip or view a list of the creative team

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