Teach the kid to play independently

Psychologists advise to accustom the child to independent games since half a year. That is, when the baby begins to be interested in rattles. What do you need? For development of first steps of independence in a child! So, first try just a few minutes to leave the baby on the Mat with a pair of bright beautiful toys that the child has studied them himself.


A young child may long to try a toy handles, "by heart", throw it, shake it. So he tries to uncover her secret. Parents, it is important to remember that toys should not be very much, because a baby at this age can focus on just a few items. Come on baby toy portions: at first two, and when the baby is around them, get out and let a new. If you hear that little worry, come back and play a little with him. Then again leave the room for some time.


The older the baby, the more time he singles out for independent games. Sure, in a year the child will be able to play alone, in two – hour and three years and a half to two hours a day. Yes, of course, games should be supervised by adults. But this control needs to be very unobtrusive. Sometimes quietly look into the room, look how the child is feeling. If you see that the baby is tired, put him on another class, feed, let rest. For kid this game is not just entertainment, but also activities which takes energy, so it is important to see that he's not overtired. Mom also need to submit a child's game back on track: tell me baby new ideas, will demonstrate how you can do with different items. So you can enrich the game "repertoire" pieces and at the same time to ensure that the child is not "lost" quarrels, fights and other unpleasant situations.


If baby asks for help — must help him, otherwise the child will feel that in difficult situations you won't come to his rescue. But, during the game – do not overdo it with the control. Extra care may cause a protest, the kid never learns to do without your help, will be afraid of loneliness and feelings of insecurity. When you accustom the baby to independent game, try to maximize the interest of it, because kids will only do what they are attracted to. Mom needs to come up for the crumbs intriguing plot, to tell a hilarious story about a bright new toy.


It is also important to show your child how to play with a new subject, to explain the rules of the game, to demonstrate the options of situations. If baby wants you to stay and play with him, tell him you'll be back in a minute, because you need to call dad or to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes. But be sure to come back. And after some time again to leave the room under the pretext. And while baby plays – do you have time for yourself.

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