The history of corn sticks

The history of corn sticks originates in the XIX century. The group of Seventh-day Adventists began to develop a new type of food that would fully meet all the requirements of a strict vegetarian diet. Members of the group experimented with a variety of different cereals, such as wheat, oats, rice, barley, and, of course, corn.

The idea was born of manufacturing corn sticks accident. The owners of the resort "Battle Creek" in Michigan, Dr. Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg, preparing for a dish of corn flour, but they urgently needed to absent himself for urgent cases away. When they returned, they found that corn meal, is on a strict accounting, slightly deteriorated.

In order to not lose the meal they decided to continue to handle it by passing it through rollers, hoping thereby to obtain long sheets of dough. To their surprise, they found not rolled dough and cereal. Subsequently, these flakes were roasted and offered to patients as a novel food. The patent for "flaked corn cereal, as well as the technology of their preparation" was recorded May 31, 1895, and was released April 14, 1896, under the name Granose.

Corn Sticks and Flakes, Serve with milk and marshmallow, it has been very popular among patients of the sanatorium "Battle Creek" in the state of Michigan. The brothers have also experimented with other cereals. In 1906, Will Keith Kellogg, who served as the manager of the resort, decided to start mass production of a new type of food, and founded his own company Kellogg's. Will Keith Kellogg did not agree with his brother on the use of sugar in cooking flakes. Adding sugar to the cereal, Will Keith Kellogg made them taste more palatable to a wider audience. Corn sticks were sold his first product.


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